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Planet Types:

There are 8 planet types in Star Kingdoms. Below is a description of all the advantages and disadvantages of all the planet types.

Planet Type Advantage Secondary Advantage Disadvantage Other
Forest and Wilderness +30% Population +25 Money per Star Mine +20% Attack Time Start with 500 Soldiers
Desert Wasteland +30% Offensive Strength Cost of Trooper / Dragoon Unit -90% -10% Population Start with Dragoons
FDC research always at 25%
Volcanic Inferno -85% Power Required Fusion Plants store 10,000 Power instead of 1,000 -10% Population Start with Fusion Technology already researched and 10 Fusion Missiles
Mystical Lands -30% Attack Time -50% Power Required -10% Offensive Strength Start with S.C.O.U.T.E.R. and Fusion Technology already researched
Mountainous +25% Income +75% Attack Honor -20% Power Production Start with Laser Dragoons
Oceanic +10% Defensive Strength -25% Building Cost +25% Research Required Start with 250 Laser Troopers
Terra Form +40% Research Efficiency Maximum Research Percent up 20%.
(eg. Population Bonus has a new maximum of 40%)
-10% Income Start with 1500 research points in Pop, Power, Military, and Money
Multiple Terrain None None Start with Dragoons, Laser Dragoons, Fighters, and Tactical Fighters

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