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If you want to destroy someones population or land without the risk of sending out your armies you can use missiles. Missiles can only be used in war but are an effective weapon if you use them correctly. You are limited to 1 missile strike every 24 hours so make sure you do the maximum damage each interval. Below is a table of the missiles available to you, costs, and required research in order to produce them.

Periodic Table of Missiles

Missile Type Cost Damage per missile Maximum Damage Required Research
Nuclear Missile 5,000 money 2 land, 150 population 0.5% of land, 5% of population Nothing
Fusion Missile 16,000 money 4 land, 400 population 1% of land, 2.5% of population Fusion Technology
Energy Missile 15,000 money, 10,000 power 8 land, 1,000 population 1% of land, 5% of population Energy Core Research

Attacking with Missiles:

In order to attack with a missile your Alliance must first be at war with the target Alliance. If this is true it should tell you below the Kingdom pull down select list. Choose a target, calculate how many missiles you want to send, and click Launch Missile Strike. You are limited to one missile strike every 24 hours.

Calculating how many to send:

In the table above it tells you the damage and maximum damage. I will include a couple examples:

If the target has 1,000 land and 50,000 population. You have 5,000 nuclear missiles.
To do the maximum damage possible: 0.5% land, 5% population. You'd have to send 17 missiles. (5 land, 2,500 pop)
To do the maximum land damage possible: 0.5% land. You'd have to send 3 missiles. (5 land, 750 pop)

If you include all 3 of the missile types you can do a max damage of 2.5% land and 12.5% population.

To do the maximum land damage to the above target you would have to send
3 nuclear missiles (0.5% land = 5 land / 2 damage = 3 missiles)
3 fusion missiles (1% land = 10 land / 4 damage = 3 missiles)
2 energy missiles (1% land = 10 land / 8 damage = 2 missiles)

With this example the total damage is 25 land and 3,650 population.

Defending against a Missile:

If a whole sector decides to launch missiles on one kingdom it could be destroyed very quickly. That is why there is a defense. Shield technology allows for defensive shields to be activated. These shields when fully charged will detonate up to 100% of all missiles that come into contact with it, before they reach your kingdom to do damage.

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