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Terms and Definitions:

While playing Star Kingdoms you may see terms and abbreviations relating to Star Kingdoms that people have created to make communication faster.

Below you will find the meanings of such terms and abbreviations.

AAL/VAL - Vice Alliance Leader - Another name for Alliance Leader, a kingdom that is selected by the Alliance Leader to help with Alliance moderation.
AL - Alliance Leader - The kingdom that creates and manages an alliance.
Clicking - In SK v1.1 people could abuse the database system by flooding it with requests thereby gaining land and resources against game physics.
Land grab - An attack is made to gain land for personal use and no other offense was meant by the attacker.
Multi - A player that is cheating by creating more than one account to use for personal gain.
n00b - See Newbie
Newbie - A player that is new to Star Kingdoms or doesn't understand how to play.
SL - Sector Leader - The kingdom voted by the sector to leader.
Suicide - A kingdom makes an attack that leaves no defense at home so that s(he) is easy to attack.
VSL - Vice Sector Leader - Selected by the Sector Leader to help with Sector moderation.
WL - War Leader - Each kingdom has 4 war leaders that can be sent into battle and 1 home leader that defends.

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