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Once your sector has joined an alliance, you will be seeing this page a lot. This page tells you what alliance you are currently in (if any), and then allows you to view a list of all other sectors that are in the same alliance as you. Additional sectors can only be added to the alliance by obtaining the alliance password from the alliance leader.

The next option is to enter the alliance forums. The alliance forums are identical to the sector forums except for the fact that the entire alliance can view the forum. Only the alliance leader and vice alliance leader can delete posts.

Joining an Alliance

This option is only available to Sector Leaders, and will not even be displayed if you are not a sector leader. To join an alliance, you must have the password from the alliance leader. Once the password has been obtained, in the alliance box, type in the name of the alliance (remember this is case sensitive, so if the alliance name has capital letters spread out through it, make sure to put those in, or it will not find the alliance). Put the password in the box below (also case sensitive), and click Join Alliance. If all goes well, and the password was correct, you will have joined the alliance.

Alliances can only have a maximum of 40 sectors. If you are the 41st sector to try and join you will not be able to join.

Creating your own Alliance

You do not need to be a Sector Leader to create your own alliance. Your sector must be in the alliance in order to view the alliance forums. To create an alliance, type in the name of the Alliance you wish to make, and a password you wish to use for it and click on Create Alliance. This will create your alliance.

Modifying your Alliance

If you wish to change your alliance password, remove a sector from the alliance, or delete the alliance, you must enter the Alliance Control Center. To do so, simply type in your alliance name in the box and click on Access Alliance Control Center. This will only work from your account however. It recognizes you based on your login name, so it will not allow you to log in from your friends account. Once in this tool, you will have the option to remove sectors from your alliance, change the password, or delete the alliance all together.

Alliance Relations

If you are the leader of an alliance and your alliance has 5 or more sectors in it then you can set relations with another alliance. These relations may be of peacefull or aggresive intentions.

Relation Type Advantages/Disadvantages Rules Extra
  • +20% attack gains
  • +10% military offense
    • Must be at war for a minimum of 48 hours.
    • Cannot be at peace with the other alliance
    • War cancels all other relations
    • You can only set war with 1 alliance. But if another alliance declares war on you, then you automatically set war on them.
    • 25% military defense
    • -10% military offense
    • -30% attack gains
      • Must be at peace for a minimum of 48 hours
      • You can only set peace with 1 alliance.
      • You cannot attack,probe, or launch a missile against any kingdoms in the alliance you have a NAP with.
        • Both sides must accept the NAP before it is active
        • You can have an unlimited amount of NAP treaties.
        • -50% attack gains
        • any attack made goes into the alliance news
          • Both sides must accept the Ally before it is active
          • You can have an unlimited amount of Allies.

          Alliance MotD:

          Alliance Message of the Day is for Alliance Leaders to let everyone in the alliance know of the latest news. An alliance leader can use this, for example, to select a target to kill off.
          The alliance MotD is limited to 255 characters and can include BBCode.

          Alliance Logo:

          To set your alliance logo you first need to get the image on the internet using a free image/website hosting service or your personal server.

          You must include the full URL (this includes the beginning http://) and the image must be in PNG, JPG, or GIF format. The size is limited to 100x100 (Width x Height) and 12K (12,288 bytes).

          You may encounter errors in setting the image. The reasons for the error may include:

          - Your host doesn't allow remote linking. You will be able to view the image in your browser line, but it won't allow StarKingdoms to link to it.
          - You entered in the URL wrong. Make sure you include the correct sub domain. ie ( is NOT the same as
          - Make sure the image is actually in PNG, JPG, or GIF format. It may end in the correct filename but that does not make it the correct format.
          - If the file size is larger than 12K it will not keep checking the link to see how big it is in total. This would be a waste of bandwidth. Try to reduce your image below 12K if you get a filesize too big error.

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