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Kingdom Status:

  • Income Change shows how much money was collected from taxes and Star Mines in the last hour.
  • Power Change shows how much excess power was produced in the last hour after shields have taken their share.
  • Population Change shows the amount your population went up or down in the last hour.
  • Total Wins shows how many times you have won an offensive battle. Every 50 wins will add 1% population bonus.
  • Total Losses shows how many times you have lost a defensive battle. Every 50 losses will subtract 1% population bonus.
  • MA Protection shows the percent of land out of the usual 10% that will not be taken if someone attacks you and successfully gets through your defenses. MA Protection goes up whenever someone successfully attacks you, or uses attack probes on you. The amount that MA Protection will go up per attack/probe depends on how big the opponent is who attacked you, and how many times he/she attacked you, or how much damage was done by the probing, and how many times it was done. The maximum MA Protection is 50%.

Construction Status:

This area gives you extended information on how many buildings you have, what % of land is used by them, how many buildings you have in production, and how long it will take for them to complete.

Military Status:

This area has a table that displays all military affairs. If your army is out to war it will show how many units are gone and when they will return.

Mobilizing Status:

This area has a table that displays extended information on how many units you have, what units are being trained, and how long until they are completed training.

24 hour economy chart:

The total population change or population change does not include population which you get from attacks/probings, only which you get at hour changes. So if you make attacks and lose the population again, it might look like you lost huge amounts of population, even if it just balanced out to the level which you have residence support for.

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