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Every kingdom in Star Kingdoms needs a military army so that he/she can invade other worlds or defend his/her own lands. There are 7 military units you can train. To train a military unit you need soldiers. Soldiers cost 150 money each and require Civilians. You can train a maximum of 10% of your population at any given time. 1 Soldier and a bit of money can train 1 military unit. Military units require 2 times the amount of power as population and has authorization to remove any civilians from his or her Residence. Once out to war, military units that have been dispatched are no longer home to defend you making you more vulnerable to attacks. Below is a table that represents the power and skill of all the military units. Click on the unit for extended information about it.

Military Units:

Name Power:
Basic Cost Description Housing
Soldier 1/1 150 Basic unit, no specialty. 1
Trooper 4/0 350 Soldier trained in offensive tactics. 1
*Dragoon 5/0 450 Cyborg offensive unit. 1
Laser Trooper 0/4 400 Soldier trained in defensive tactics. 1
*Laser Dragoon 0/5 550 Cyborg defensive unit. 1
*Fighter 6/0 650 Heavily armed jet fighter with a pilot. 1
Tank 9/9 1750 Heavy armored vehicle. 2
**Tactical Fighter 12/0 1600 AI controlled Jet Fighter with upgraded weaponry. 0
Scientist 0/0 1000 This unit can not attack or defend, but can be used to research. 1

* Requires research to train
** Doesn't require soldiers to train, but instead requires space in or on an Air Support Bay. Also requires research to train.
Housing = amount of space in the Barracks required to house unit.

Disband Military:

If you have too much military population and need more space for residence, or if you just want to get rid of a unit, you can go to the disband room. Enter in the number to release for each unit and hit Disband Army. Any units you disband except soldiers or tactical fighters will return to soldiers. If you disband soldiers they will return to population. If you disband tactical fighters you will gain nothing.

Upgrade Military:

Once you have researched Dragoons or Laser Dragoons you can upgrade your Troopers or Laser Troopers. Simply enter the amount you want to upgrade and click upgrade.

You can upgrade Troopers to Dragoons with Dragoon research.
You can upgrade Laser Troopers to Laser Dragoons with Laser Dragoon research.

The cost of upgrading Laser Dragoons is 175 minus Training Camp Bonus.
The cost of upgrading Dragoons is 125 minus Training Camp Bonus.

It takes 12 hours to upgrade

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