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Dragoons are one of the latest break through in technology. Scientists have worked hard to come up with the ability to do such a thing. Dragoons are soldiers with cybernetic implants. They require no training, as training is simply implemented via the programming chip implanted into the brain. The 24 hours is required however for the soldier to undergo surgery in order for the implants to be placed.

These soldiers have infra-vision, and a built in laser targeting system. They rarely ever miss their target, and are more maneuverable then the regular soldier. The Dragoons are capable of proccessing thousands of different tasks simultaniousely, allowing them to accurately pin point an enemies weakness while also noticing other targets around them. This makes them not only more accurate with their weapon, but capable of analyzing a situation in a fraction of a second giving them the uper hand at dodging any incoming attack. The processor's are cheap to make, however the surgery can sometimes get a bit costly.

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