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Manufacturing Probes:

Probes are manufactured by the building called Factory. Plain and simple, the more factories you have the more probes you will receive each hour. Probes are free but are also lost easily. They do not require power unless they have shields activated.

Attacking with Probes:

To attack with probes you need a target. Choose the target by browsing the sectors and galaxies. Once a target is found you can start probing their lands. The chance of a successfull probe mission depends on 4 factors:

1. How many probes you have in comparison to how much land you, or your enemy has (whoever has the most land will be what your probes are compared to).
2. How many probes the enemy has in comparison to how much land (s)he currently owns.
3. The amount of probes you send.
4. The amount of Probe Shields the enemy has.

Each kingdom gains the the ability to probe once per hour. If you do not use your probing that hour, it will be accumulated to the next hour, allowing you to probe twice on the next hour. You can only accumulate up to a maximum of 10 probe uses. If you have 10 probe uses, and do not use any that hour, the extra probe use you would have gained the next hour will be lost.

Activate extra energy shields:

You can use any excess power to better protect your probes. With extra protection probes are not lost as easily. Extra shields costs lots of power and if you don't have enough power, it will not be activated.

Probe armour research:

If you have the probe armour research your losses will be decreased by 50%.

The Options:

Spy on Kingdom Probes can take estimates of the status of any kingdom.
Spy on Sector News Probes can use the kingdom's network to steal the Sector News. Results will be either 32, 24, or 12 hours of news depending on how many probes you send.
Spy on Military Probes can take estimates of the size of an enemies military.
Spy on Buildings Probes can take estimates of the enemies buildings.
Spy on Research Probes can take estimates of the enemies research productions.
Spy on Shields Probes can take estimates of the enemies shield percentages.
Rob Banks Probes can infiltrate the enemies banking system and electronicly steal funds.
Arson Probes can light fire to the enemies Residence, destroying its population over time. Can only destroy residences if the target has more than (Land * 5%) residences.
Sabotage Powerplants Probes can destroy the enemies powerplants, crippling its power supply.
Kidnappings Probes can steal the enemies population.
Suicide Attack Willing to give up a bit of probes? Or do you just want to easily destroy the enemies power. Send out a suicide attack, lose 100% of the probes sent and do damage of 2 power for every probe.


Probes can only take estimates of the enemy's information, therefore, the more probes you send the more accurate the probing will be. Accuracy can vary from 95-100%.

For example if the accuracy is 95% each value in the report can be wrong by a randomness of +/- 5%. If you are acquiring information for an attack it could make a big difference to get an accuracy of 100%.

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