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Kingdom Information:

Shows Planet Type, Networth, Land, Networth/Land Ratio, and Online Status.

Networth/Land Ratio is a simple Networth divided by land formula rounded to two decimal places.

Online (10 minutes) is followed by a yes or a no. If the kingdom made any connection to the Star Kingdoms server (viewed any script) in the last 10 minutes then the response will be a yes.

Contact Information:

When the kingdom sign's up they can chose to include contact information with their account. They can chose to make the email address they signed up with public or if they use any IM applications then they can include the information on how other people can contact them.

The signature is appended to the end of every in-game message or forum post. A signature can include BBCode and is limited to 5 lines and 128 characters.

A user can change their contact information anytime in Preferences.

Last Login:

Star Kingdoms would never invade your privacy by revealing your IP Address so we implemented IPvSK. (Internet Protocol version Star Kingdoms).

IPvSK in a non-reversible algorithm representation of an IP Address. You can use the Last Login section to compare IPvSK with other accounts for security or cheat detection.

Please note that an IPvSK is not unique. One in every five thousand IP Addresses will have the same IPvSK so be careful.

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