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Welcome to the interactive online world of Star Kingdoms. Star Kingdoms is a free online game that does not consist of turn taking. It is REAL TIME! You make one move and you get an instant reaction.

How to play:
To play you must create an account. You can do this here. After you have created an account head back here and find out how to start playing the kingdom that you just made. While playing, if you need any help, there are links on each page that should explain what you are looking at and how to use it.

The Basics:
You are a kingdom in a sector of 19 other kingdoms. The sector is located in a galaxy. Each galaxy contains 40 other sectors. If properly organized each sector will have a Leader that names the sector and controls the diplomatics of your sector. Your kingdom is basicly a planet in a 10X10 sector map.

Attack time and other factors depends on where the other kingdoms are on the sector map. Every kingdom in your sector is your ally and you will fight with them against other kingdoms or sectors to expand your size.

Your Kingdom:
Your kingdom is made up of Money, Power (energy, food), Civilians (Population), Land, War Honor, Military Units, Scientists, and Probes. When added all together in a formula you will find your Networth. The Networth (NW) is basically your kingdom size/strength. If at any point your kingdom runs out of power your shields will be disabled and your military defense and offense will be 20% weaker, you birth rate will be reduced by 90%, and your population limit will be reduced by 20%. At the top of every page is a Header Table that displays all these values.

Other help is located through out the game. Simply follow the link on the bottom of each page for help.

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