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The main menu is the screen that is shown each time you login. This page is an overall view of your kingdom. It shows you your basic kingdom stats including resources and military units. The main menu also shows you any new news or new messages you may have received. You may also view the previous 72 hours of news by clicking on View Previous News. The option under the table with all of your kingdom information for text, is to allow you the ability to copy and paste your stats into the forums if needed.

Underneath the status of your kingdom there is a location for a login message from your Sector Leader. If your Sector Leader chooses to do so. Only the Sector Leader can change this message.

Newbie Mode
This page will also display whether or not you are in Newbie Status. Every new account that is created automatically goes into newbie mode for 72, 96 or 120 hours depending on the date from the games start that you signed up. Any kingdom in newbie mode can not attack, nor be attacked by any other kingdom. This also includes using probes and missiles.

As soon as you login to your account you will be asked for an activation code to activate your account. This activation code should have been sent to you in email. If you did not receive this email, double check the email address that is listed on that page, correct if necessary, and then click to have it re-sent to you. If your email address is wrong you will not be able to activate your account.

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