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Choosing a target:

When trying to find a target to attack it is best to go to My Sector and put in random galaxies and sectors. If your kingdom's leader has decided to wage war on only one sector you may want to consider giving help to the cause. Just remember when choosing a target, the more Land the target has, the more you will gain from an attack.

Targets that are attacked by everyone in your kingdom are weaker and easier to defeat, however, due to MA protection, may cause you to get less land than another target who has not been hit. You may want to consider the pro's and con's of attacking a kingdom that's already recently been hit a few times, as it can mean up to 50% less land taken on your attack.

Attack the target:

To attack a target that you have selected you will need to enter in the Galaxy number and Sector Number, then hit Change Sector. Then you use the Option List to select the target. Type in the amount of each military unit you wish to send out, whether or not to enable war shields, the amount of war leaders to send, and click 'Send Out Attack'. This will cause all of the chosen units to attack the desired target and if the attack is successfull you will gain land, money, captured civilians, and power.

War Shields:

You can use extra power to protect an extra layer of defense for each unit. If you do this, your military will suffer less losses in an offensive battle. Smaller biological units (Soldiers, Troopers, Dragoons) require less power to shield than larger mechanical units (Tanks, Fighters, Tactical Fighters). It costs 5 power per biological unit and 15 power per mechanical unit. Providing war shields can reduce the amount of losses you experience in battle from 25% to 50%. If you don't have enough power your war leaders will automatically provide the best shield using all available power (except 1). The amount of protection will be significantly reduced depending on the amount of power you were lacking.

War Honor:

War Honor is gained in battle. Honor is gained in honorable victories. A defending kingdom only looses 90% of the gained honor. If a kingdom has a high amount of honor they will gain bonuses. Four times as much honor is gained in WAR (only two times is lost).


Target Networth (Their networth compared to your networth)Honor Gained (From target kingdom)
Less than 25%None
100% and up10.0%

War Honor Bonuses:

Kingdom's War HonorBonus
0-599-5.0% Income
600-1199-2.5% Income
1501-1800+2.5% Income
1801-2100+5.0% Income
2101-2400+5.0% Income, -5.0% Training Costs
2401-2700+6.0% Income, -5.0% Training Costs
2701-3000+7.0% Income, -5.0% Training Costs
3001-3300+8.0% Income, -5.0% Training Costs
3301-3600+9.0% Income, -5.0% Training Costs
3601-5000+10.0% Income, -5.0% Training Costs
5001++10.0% Income, -10.0% Training Costs

Why send out more than one general?

For each general you send out after your first one your army is 3% more effective. Remember however, you only have a total of 4 generals that you can use at any given time. If you send all 4 generals out on 1 attack, you will have to wait until at least one of them gets home before you can make an additional attack.

Sending out more generals also causes your armies to return faster in portions. For example, if your return time from an attack is 16 hours and you send 1 general with 10,000 tanks, your attack would look something like this:

Home Leader Leader #2 Leader #3 Leader #4 Leader #5
Soldiers 0 0 0 0 0
Troopers 0 0 0 0 0
Dragoons 0 0 0 0 0
Tactical Fighter 0 0 0 0 0
Tanks 0 10,000 0 0 0
Note: The numbers between the ( ) equal the return time in hours of each general and each of the troops.

If you sent 4 generals with that identical attack, your return trip would instead look something like this:

Home Leader Leader #2 Leader #3 Leader #4 Leader #5
Soldiers 0 0 0 0 0
Troopers 0 0 0 0 0
Dragoon 0 0 0 0 0
Tactical Fighter 0 0 0 0 0
Tanks 0 2500 2500 2500 2500
Note: The numbers between the ( ) equal the return time in hours of each general and each of the troops.

Attacking smaller targets:

Although attacking a smaller target may be easier, the smaller the target in comparison to your size, the more units you will lose in combat. You will usually find it more beneficial to attack those around your size, not only because of less tank loss, but also because targets around your size will more than likely give you larger amounts of land.

Attacking targets with no units home:

If you happen to get lucky and come accross a target who's sent too many units out leaving themselves open, you may be tempted to take advantage of this. Don't under-estimate the power of it's people however. Even without military defense, the people will still put up a fight against you. For every land the target has, the target gains 2 defensive points. This only takes effect if the total defense points of military is lower then total defense points of land.

If someone has 100 soldiers and 250 land home, then the he has a total of 500 defensive points. Land (250) * 2 = 500. Because the land put off more total defense then the soldiers, the soldiers are considered void. Now if the person had 501 soldiers and 250 land, then he would have 501 defensive points. 501 soldiers = 501 defensive points, which is more than total land defense, therefore land defense is void. Only one is calculated into the matter and are never added together with eachother. Whichever defense is the greater number will be the one you must calculate your attack on.

After Attacking:

After you attack the enemy it will give you a status report stating how many units you lost in combat and whether your strike was successful or not. If you were successful at overcoming the enemy, the report will show you how much money, land, power, and captured civilians you have gained.

Remember, attacking with military is not the only way to cripple the enemy. There are different attacks like the Probe's Suicide and Missiles.

What is MA Protection?

MA Protection is a method of trying to lower the losses of someone who has been attacked multiple times. If you get attacked, your MA protection level will rise. The higher your MA level rises, the less land someone can take per attack. After so many attacks, you will be put into a trouble status and your sector will be alerted through Sector News. This will allow you to receive aid from other sector members such as money, population, power, and soldiers.

MA Protection will raise higher on some attacks vs others, based on the size of the enemy and the victim. The larger the enemy is in comparison to the victim, the faster MA protection will go up per attack. If you get put into trouble status, you will remain in that status for 12 hours, allowing sector members enough time to send you resources if needed.

Every hour, your MA Protection will drop down a few % until it reaches 0%. If attacking someone who may have their MA Protection above 0%, you may want to use your probes to spy on their kingdom, to see whether or not they are worth hitting. The highest MA protection can go is 50%.

Attacking with Missiles:

Missiles are best used when at war with another sector/alliance. Unfortunately the land that is effected by the missile is completely destroyed. Missiles work similiar to regular attacks in the idea that you can only take out no more then 7% of someone's land, regardless of how many missiles you use.

Missiles can only be used in War.

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