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Sending Messages:

To send a message just choose who you want to send the message, type in the message and subject, and hit Send Message.

Messages are limited to 1,500 characters and can include BBCode.

Receiving Messages:

Click on Read Messages on the top left corner of the status bar. You will have the option of deleting a message, replying, or deleting all the messages.

Reporting Messages:

If someone sends you a message that is offensive or contains profanity you can report and those violating the game rules will be terminated. This function is only to be used if the person abuses the rules. If this person is not abusing the rules, do not report them, as you will risk possible termination of your own account for abusing the report utility.

Valid reasons for reporting someone are as follows:

  • User has messaged you using profanity.
  • User has messaged you using racial or sexual slang considered offensive to you.
  • User's logo contains profanity, racial or sexual slang, or pornography.
Unacceptable uses of the report tool are as follows:

  • Reporting messages sent to you, from yourself. The reporting tool is there to help resolve language abuse in game. It is not there as a tool to try and make contact with an admin. If you need to contact an admin, please contact a moderator in the Game Talk Forums.
  • Reporting people for threatening to kill your kingdom, or your sector/alliance/friend's kingdoms. This is part of the game. As in any multi-player games, you will always have people who want to help you and people who want to kill you. It's up to you to decide how to take action upon these kinds of threats, whether you decide to attack them, or to try to handle it politically. There is nothing wrong with someone threatening to attack your kingdom.

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