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Sector Forums:

To organize and maintain a strong sector you need communication. The Sector Forums are the "built-in communication." You are still welcome to use great programs like ICQ and MSN Messenger, but the forums are built into the game and don't require much effort, just a browser. You could even use the forums to set up meetings on external communication services. The forums may get disorganized and messy, that is one of the reasons you vote for a sector leader. The sector leader or the vice sector leader has access to delete posts and remove threads.

How to post and view messages:

In Star Kingdoms v2.0 a new upgraded forums was implemented. They are now similar to more popular forum programs. Each kingdom gets it's own Kingdom Logo and topics are separated into 20 posts per page. To post a new topic simply go to the Topic Directory (the first page that you see when you click Sector Forums. Scroll to the bottom and type in your topic (50 characters maximum) and then type in your message (5,000 characters maximum).

To post a reply simply view the topic you want to reply to and then scroll to the bottom and type in the message. Your reply will be added to the last page.

To navigate through pages is relatively simple. To change pages just follow the links. Each page holds 20 messages and the Replies counter starts at 0 when you post a new topic. So there will be a new page on the 20th reply, 40th reply, 60th reply, etc.


BBCode is a term used through out the Internet that stands for Bulletin Board Code. HTML is not allowed in messages because of the security risk it poses. However, you can still add style to your posts by using BBCode. It's similar to HTML but you use square brackets "[" instead of a "<".

To use BBCode you must open the style and then close the style properly. For example if you want to make your sentence bold first you open it with a "[b]", type in the text and then close it with a "[/b]".

BBCode syntax:

Type Syntax Example Code Example Output
Bold Open: [b], Close: [/b] Universal Domination is [b]imminent[/b], my friend. Universal Domination is imminent, my friend.
Italic Open: [i], Close: [/i] Universal Domination is [i]imminent[/i], my friend. Universal Domination is imminent, my friend.
Underline Open: [u], Close: [/u] Universal Domination is [u]imminent[/u], my friend. Universal Domination is imminent, my friend.
Quote Open: [quote="name"], Close: [/quote] [quote="Admin"]Universal Domination is imminent, my friend.[/quote]
 Admin wrote: 
Universal Domination is imminent, my friend.
Web Link Open: [url], Close: [/url] [url][/url].
Sector Link Open: [s], Close: [/s] [s]1:1[/s]. (Links to sector 1:1).
Kingdom Link Open: [k], Close: [/k] [k]l=1:1&p=20[/k]. (Links to sector 1:1, kingdom position 20).
Alliance Link Open: [a], Close: [/a] [a]Admin[/a]. (Links to alliance [Admin]).

Sector Link:

Make sure to use ":" as the separator between galaxy and sector. The output of [s]1:1[/s] would look like this:
Sector Link: (1:1)

Kingdom Link:

This one is a little harder to figure out than the Sector Link. To link to a kingdom you must include the code that the server would normally send to the Kingdom Information script. The URL to a Kingdom Information screen ends with whois.php?l=1:1&p=20. The correct kingdom link to use is: "[k]l=1:1&p=20[/k]". If you get this syntax wrong the link will not work. l is the sector and p is the sector position of the kingdom. A kingdom at the bottom of the sector list has a sector position of 20.

The output of [k]l=1:1&p=20[/k] would look like this:
Kingdom Link: (l=1:1&p=20)

Alliance Link

Just simply type the alliance name between the tags. The output of [a]Admin[/a] would look like this:
Alliance Link: [Admin]

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