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Send Aid: If a kingdom is in trouble status you can send them aid of money, power, soldiers, or population. You cannot send aid if the destination kingdom is not in trouble status. Trouble status can be defined as follows:

  • A meter that lowers every hour until it reaches zero.
  • When you get attacked or probed the meter raises.
  • Once the meter reaches a certain peak it freezes for 12 hours and that kingdom enters trouble status.
  • After the 12 hours, the meter resets to zero.

Once a kingdom enters trouble mode they can only receive a certain amount of aid. This was implemented in Round 5 v2 to prevent people from exploiting this function. The amount of aid a Kingdom can receive is a based upon 50% of their networth at the time Trouble Mode is entered.

Each supply type counts as a specific amount of "aid points."

Soldier: 100 pts
Population: 25 pts
Power: 1 pt
Money: 0.1 pt

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