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This area is useful for browsing the world of Star Kingdoms and searching for land targets or allies. Simply enter in the desired galaxy and sector number and hit Change.

This will show the sector name (which can only be changed by a Sector Leader), alliance the sector is a part of, sector logo, and a table with every kingdom, their Planet Type, how much Land they have, and their Networth in that sector.

Sector Logo's are supposed to comply with the Game Rules. If you find a Sector Logo that is inappropriate contact a Game Moderator regarding the logo.

The table has the following information about kingdoms:

Kingdom Name (Sector Coords): The kingdom's name along with their position X by Y position in the Sector. If their Sector Coords are closer to yours you will get quicker return times when attacking.
Planet Type: Planet types all have different advantages and disadvantages.
Land: Land is for buildings. A kingdom cannot grow without land.
Networth: A combination of the kingdom's land, money, military, population, and other values.
Honor: War Honor is gained through battle and provides bonuses to the kingdom. You gain more honor in battle by attacking larger targets.
Tactical: Contains links to Probe, Attack, Missile, and Message the kingdom.

The table is colour coded to show the kingdoms status. The following is a list of the color codes and what they mean.

Yellow: This kingdom is the sector leader. This kingdom gets an additional 10% bonus to attacks and defense.

Dark Yellow: This kingdom is the vice sector leader. This kingdom is responsible for helping the Sector Leader with sector organization and can delete posts in the Sector Forums.

Blue: The kingdom is in newbie mode. You will be unable to attack it.

Green: This kingdom is in Vacation Mode. You will be unable to attack it.

Red: This kingdom has been disabled or suspended by the admins. You will be unable to attack it.

Orange: This is your kingdom.

Grey: This kingdom has been destroyed.

@: This user is currently online. But can be offline. Look below

Underneath the table is a total networth value which is the combined networth of all the kingdoms and what state the sector is in.

To increase server response and efficiency a World Cache was implemented. There was no need to compute every kingdom's networth every time someone views the Sector so the database now uses caching. Every thirty minutes when the cache updates so does everyone's networth and other values. So if the cache only updates every thirty minutes, then a kingdom's online indicator can be wrong. Check the Last update time at the bottom to find out when the cache was last updated.

If you want to find out if someone is really online, check out there Kingdom Information screen by clicking on the Kingdom.

Sector States:

The Sector Leader can decide what sector state to put the sector in. Each sector state has bonuses and/or disadvantages. Below is a table containing a description and list of the effects of the sector state.

Sector StateEffectsDescription
None No effects. The people act as they would normally.
  • 2x birth rate
  • Exploration costs reduced by 75% (up to 1000 land)
  • Exploration costs reduced by 50% (up to 2500 land)
  • Exploration costs reduced by 25% (2501 land and up)
  • Defensive casualties increased by 10%
Perfect for young Sectors. The civilians are set out to explore new lands and expand the kingdom. Build up your Kingdom before you can be attacked!
  • Units trained in 12 hours
  • Limited to 5 maximum stored probe uses
  • Only 3 useable War Leaders
Preparations before war. Your civilians will quickly build up an army but one war leader is held back to oversee the production. Mobilization comes before War. You can't mobilize forever!
  • +10% Land gains (example: a kingdom would gain 11% of total land).
  • +25% Honor gained.
Your kingdom is armed and ready for battle. Increase your Land Gains. A truly honorable Sector State.
  • Military shields always at full power (No energy cost)
  • -25% Defensive casualties
  • Only 2 useable war leaders
  • Population fights as Militia in Defensive Battles. Gain 1 defensive point for each population. Militia suffers double the normal casualties.
Your kingdom is ready for defensive battles. One war leader is required to oversee that Military Shields are always at 10% and another to reduce defensive casualties. Grab your laser axe! Your people will defend your Kingdom with little or no training.

Sector Influences:

The Sector Leader can set a Sector Tax from 0% to 5%. The tax will take money from your hourly income and put it into the Sector Fund. The Sector Fund can be used to purchase Sector Influences. There are two types of Sector Influences: enhancements and weapons. Enhancements are used to the benefit of your own Sector while Weapons are used to attack other Sectors. You can only use a Sector Weapon on Sectors that are within 2X or .5X of your entire Sector's Networth. Sector Stations can only be destroyed by a Targeted Missile Strike.


Name Cost Effects Duration
Sector Cloning Station 500,000 Money Birthrate +10% Until destroyed
Sector Research Station 5,000,000 Money Research Efficiency +10% Until destroyed
Sector Defense 10,000,000 Money Defense Pts +4500 (No bonuses) Until destroyed
Solar Winds (Sector Networth * 0.25) Money Power Production +50% 48 hours
Warp Gate (Sector Land * 100) Money Base attack time minus 1 hour 24 hours
Nano Bots (Sector Networth * 0.35) Money +10% Income 24 hours
Sector Cure (Sector Networth * 0.75) Money 25% chance of curing the Dark Matter Plague
75% chance of curing the Super Virus

Sector Weapons: (Sector Networth and Sector Land is the total of the Target Sector's Networth or Land)

Name Cost Effects Duration
Dark Matter Plague (Sector Networth * 4) Money Lose 1% of soldiers every tick
-20% Income
-20% Power Production
-50% Birthrate
Until cured
Super Virus (Sector Land * 300) Money -10% Income
-10% Power Production
Until cured
Solar Cloud 5,000,000 Money Base attack time plus 2 hours 24 hours
Black Hole (Sector Networth * 1) Money Stops all intergalactic travel 24 hours
SpyNet (Sector Networth * 1) + 5,000,000 Money Steals 25% of target's Sector Fund Instant
Targeted Missile Strike 5,000,000 Money 10% chance of destroying stations. Instant

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