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The XT1100 series tank is the best in it's class of tracked vehicles. Covered from top to bottom with Ademantium Steel, this tank is ready to take out even the worste of enemies. It's high powered cannon packs a powerful punch with it's armor piercing explosive shells, while it's bullet proof armor makes it a bear to take out. Although this unit does have weaknesses that sharp shooters can take advantage of, it's truly a piece of art not to be underestimated.

The downfall to this unit is it's extremely high cost. Ademantium is a highly sought after metal and therefore comes at a steep price. This unit can be driven by a single soldier, and is fairly easy to learn the controls, however the machine itself costs a small fortune. In addition, you must have room for both the tank to be stored in the baracks, and for sleeping quarters for the soldier, thus taking up twice the space of any normal unit.

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