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Tactical Fighters

One of the most difficult barriers to overcome was gravity... until now. These fighter ships are one of the most advanced units known to man. Traveling faster then the speed of sound at low altitudes, this fighter drops a payload capable of blowing holes in even the strongest of materials. That's not the most impressive thing about this unit however.

This unit has a Vesudian Core and is completely controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence). Scientists have spent years developing this technology. This core allows the unit to hover as if in a weightless environment, while it's jet engines propell it at high speeds. In addition, the Vesudian Core has an added bonus. When this unit is charging the Vesudian Core, it makes an impenetrable field around it. The only down fall to the shield system is that the onboard central computer must shut down in order for the shields to be activated, thus making it useless in combat with the shields up. The shield system was merely designed as a defense mechanism for it's charging so that if an attack is made upon it's base while in it's charging status, it will survive undamaged. This unit is used for strikes only, and then returns to charge.

This unit MUST be housed in a special building specifically designed for it. This Air Support Bay as we call it has very nitrogen rich air in which is constantly being cycled out each time the unit is used. Without this nitrogen rich environment, the Tactical Fighter will not be able to recharge, thus rendering it useless until new accommodations are made for it.

The unit, although small, still is approximately twice the size of a tank, therefore each Air Support Bay is only capable of supporting 40 Tactical fighters per building.

The Vesudian Core suprisingly is not very expensive to make. The unit is lightly armored, but due to it's speed and maneuverability, it is extremely hard to hit. Because of it's AI, it does not require a soldier to pilot it, therefor it does not require any soldiers to be trained. It doesn't cost much more then a tank and consumes approximately the same amount of resources per hour as the tank does. A very valuable unit to have indeed, it has very few weaknesses.

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