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This planet type is almost completely covered in water, with only a fraction of a percent of the land actually peaking out of the water.

Within the water are huge cities completely encased within gigantic domes of air. These subterranean cities are amazing, with breathable air constantly being produced within the bubble and light being channeled through lasers, powered by huge solar panels floating on the surface of the water. From these lasers, the light is channeled to the dome's optical array, and the laser is fractioned off into billions of light beams, lighting the entire city.

Don't let all of the amazing architecture and technology fool you however. It took them a lot of work to get to where they are. Because of the environment they are living under, they've had to spend atleast 30% longer than anyone else trying to develop these new technological advances. Unlike everyone else, these new structural developements, and units had to be capable of breathing and functioning underwater. Power plants are not run within the city's bubble dome but outside of it, channeling water through canals and pulling out the oxygen content in order to keep the plant running. Units who are out defending often have to spend weeks underwater without a source of oxygen to keep them alive. With each new developement, they had to implement a way for it to create it's own oxygen source, and they had to make all electrical units water tight.

There is an advantage to living in a city like this however. Due to it's depths underwater, finding the city for anyone trying to invade it was near impossible. Even with all of their technology, they find that their units just aren't cut out for underwater ventures. Electrical devices aren't quite water tight and short out frequently, troops have to keep a constant air supply on them in order to continue their invasion, and aren't conditioned for under water battles like the people of the Oceanic planet are. This gives the advantage to those who dwell within these bubble cities, as they can see the enemy coming from miles away, while the enemy wanders helplessly about in the general direction that their equipment last told them to go prior to it shorting out. On average, you will find Oceanic units 10% better at defending their land then anybody else.

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