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Terra Form

This planet is like none seen before. This planet is man made by a powerful missile designed to form sort of a Black Hole, sucking raw material from areas far and wide. The Black Hole begins to break apart as it gets cluttered with space debris, forming a core. This core begins to grow until it's formed an ozone layer and an atmosphere.

These planet types were designed purely as research planets. A scientist's dream home, these planets were created by people with a lot of money and a strong belief in science. These planet types always have the best, state of the art equipment that can ever be found for research. Because of how well the scientists are treated, and the pure materials they are given to work with, research is on average 50% faster then any other research facilities. This however takes an impact on society.

The equipment is upgraded weekly, and costs a pretty penny to keep stocked. An average of 10% of all income is usually invested directly into the science fund in order to buy more pure material, and more powerful equipment. This is definately not the place for the poor to live, but to a wealthy science lover, this is a dream home.

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