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These planets are usually found about 4 to 5 planets away from their sun. They have mountain ranges as far as the eye can see, and the gold fever is constantly alive here. Within each of these mountains is tons of gold, just waiting for someone to be lucky enough to find it. Most people who live here are quite stingy with their money. Money is the only thing that is on people's minds on this land type. That, and protecting their money.

Because so much time has been spent trying to retrieve the gold hidden within the mountain ranges, little time has been spent researching methods of better power sources. Because people want to save money, they use the cheapest fuel they can find to burn in the power plants, thus making it's output reduced by 15% efficiency. Although this environment is rich with gold, many people choose not to come here due to the polution from the poor use of fuel in the power plants.

Because Mountainous have so much gold within their mountains, they decided it was nessecary to build up some kinds of defense for it. They didn't want to invest the time however, in trying to research new defensive technology, so they simply purchased the Laser Dragoon Technology from another nearby planet. This planet isn't the greatest for starting a family, but it's great if you are looking to make some money.

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