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Volcanic Inferno

Volcanic Inferno is one of the hottest planets, always within the first to second planet from the sun. The entire planet consists of active volcano's that errupt frequently. There are many places on these planet types where you can find lava rivers flowing; Truly a sight to see.

Due to the extreme heat and radiation from the sun, nobody can live unprotected in this environment. New technology was created that gave the people control of their climate. Although they can't control the entire planet's atmosphere, their cities have huge bubbles enclosing them which are controled through devices centralized in each city.

The problem came about that these devices required huge quantities of power that Nuclear Power Plants simply couldn't keep up with the demand. They spent the time researching Fusion Power Plants, and Energy Core Technology, but still that wasn't enough to do as they needed. Finally they figured out how to harness the heat from their local volcano's and convert it into power. These massive Power Cells were enough to power their Climate Control Stations, and all of the cities surrounding them. Due to the fluctuating power income from the volcano's however, they were unable to use the power to feed their planetary shields and shield their probes. Any kind of shielding always requires a constant feed of non-fluctuating power, which just wasn't the case of the Volcanic Power Cells. In order to continue shielding of anything, they still require the use of power plants.

Due to frequntly errupting volcano's, Volcanic Inferno planets usually lose approximately 15% of their population from deaths due to explosions and erruptions along with lava rivers. It truly is not a safe place to live for the people, but some just like the excitement of living in a dangerous place.

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