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Forest and Wilderness

This tropical planet is covered with dense tree's and shrubbery. Although there are a few good flat plains for building on, most of this planet has huge amounts of tree's. This makes obtaining wood, and food quite easy as you have plenty of tree's for wood, and plenty of animals to hunt for food. Many people seek this type of planet for the beautiful forests and lush greenery. Because food is abudant and comes at a low price, it makes living here a lot easier then many other places. On average, you will see Forest and Wilderness type planets with more people then any other place. Due to the small amount of flat plains to build on, and the abudant amount of wood, people have designed multiple story houses, capable of accomodating the additional 10% population in such a small place. There is a big downfall however.

Because the tree's and forest area is so dense, it makes it very easy to get lost in it. It isn't uncommon to hear of someone who wandered out into the forest and never returned. Some say they were abducted by aliens, but for the most part, people realize it's purely an issue of the inability to find your way once lost in the forest. Because the trees are so thick, there are few places in the forest that you can even see up past the branches to get a good look at the stars and figure out which direction you must go.

The forest also slows down the military a lot. Traveling through this type of land, especially with big units such as tanks, makes it difficult with so many trees to weave around. Between that, and the ease of being able to get lost, it often takes military longer then expected to return home from battle. On average, you can expect the military to later then normal.

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