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Any luck?? Srry to pester if still on vacation just don't forget about me. Again ty soooo much


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  • For the record EA has Spy on Probe History. Had me at that since I suggested it a while back! Thank you Bean!!
  • I've believe that the conspiracy goes much deeper. Dank bought the game years ago as a social experiment and lives for the pf's. The more messed up the game, the better the drama and more fun he has torturing poor lost souls.
  • I think the Broncos are going to get embarrassed like when they played Seattle. Will be surprised if Broncos put more than 10 on the board.
  • Still too easy to multi with a good IP changer and half a brain. Need to make probe news available (like sector news) so that people can potentially identify farming. Already know one person with 4 kds and been no problems so don't say it won't ha…
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  • Yeah, they passed legislation on dec1 where if the drone weighs over .55 lbs you must register it. What's amusing is that I live in the backwoods here in Houston. I can not imagine there ever being a problem at all. Yeah I guess it depends on where …
  • Wut up Amog. Problem is its easy to change ip and multi. Still would be player policed since you would need to get histories and such. Little guys protected by alliance and bash rules.
  • Problem with them is they are passing laws and heavy regulations which could turn your time and money into a wall hanger.
  • Add probe history available to get and make it so you can always see who probes you. Would nearly eliminate bank and probe farms.
  • So if they do it, does it mean I can? Yes and you should
  • I think as a blanket statement it's safe. What % of players do you think are 100% legit (not even worrying about top)? I'd put it at less than 5% but it's anyone's guess. Kind of a pointless discussion at this point in state of the game.
  • Stop saying i used a multi to suicide an "enormous" amount of power lmao. I have only used one account the last 4 or 5 rounds i have been back .. you had 4,800 power and i was around 40% pf at that time.. i used 5k probes and hit you 40 seconds af…
  • I'm just wondering If it's a certain demographic that cheat seeing as multi-ing is more rife now than ever. Is it new people that have only discovered sk in the past 5 years or is it fat bald guys in their 50s trying to be good at something via chea…
  • In every round of SK i've ever played I have given my kd away, or died quickly (always war or start messing with people). I've given away more top 5 kds than many have achieved yest with some probe kd's like every other player). I play the game fo…
  • Game ain't been relevant in years lmao. All good. Was fun to come back for a round and trolling a little bit. I wish I could say I was surprised at how many still take this game really serious. Sorry if my screwing around made any of you cry. S…
  • Helped out some homies and had some fun. And 90% of the time I'm full of shit. Trained by Dank. Point?
  • That would be poser moon. Ya that's what I want on my phone at work or home with kids. What a loser.
  • Yup. We do ok. Her income not in that and I know some of you ballers do more but love my job and life;)
  • Sorry I hit you loaf. Yeah having logging in a pf 2-3 times a day for 5 min allows for a life. My 85k/yr job, patented invention, house, wife, and kids fortunately are my priority. Sk just a little fun time when in boring meetings and such. Sad …
  • lol moonlight is the funniest poser of them all. Sticks up for dragon who used a multi on me so he could hit. I don't complain because every kd has a few probe farms and backup kd with all these multies. Dragons own alliance didn't care either. …
  • My guess is Tex from the crappy main and all these multies. To crappy to be meadows. Franky 2:9 main betta splendens 1:6 sarco 1:10 viper 1:20 redbirds 1:17 Tribe mir 1:4 franky1 1:10 mossy 1:17 larva 1:14 easy crystal 1:19 kibble 1:18 ark cool 1:2…
  • I promise that I will sign up if you don't fix this pos, elect me as the emperor moderator with power over that muppet guy, and have your sister come here and yell at me for being stupid. I vote for Dank!!
  • Dont start piling in Americans shouting freedom and saying how great your military is haha *shouting*America gave the world freedom with a better fighting force than the entire world combined. Your all welcome!
  • Since I'm only in 1 round every year or so count me in. Although if Tyrsis is out that is tempting to play.
  • nationwide toll and cucumber in 2:19 matching Ips and interacting arsoning me. No idea why.
  • Rohan is a hoe. Shortened version for lazy people: Rohan=hoe :-L
  • We have already done the days of bot wars where we nap the uni and fight the bot. It's boring as hell. I've played other versions like Beans and it dies. Whats left for me is the usual pattern. Climb to rank 1-5, have a little fun trying to hit …
  • only way to defeat the multi is to give him aids when he ass rapes you broz
  • Then def a Kesha Lithuanian bot round. Have fun!
    in So... Comment by Screamin April 2015
  • Arson there are a bunch of noob hacks starting to lead and anyone with any tick hitting good starts are cheaters in there eyes. I have dudes tripping on a 25 land tick hit because they failed from sending bare min and I had plenty as dw and got thr…