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  • i got banned! but then he unbanned me lol I had 2 account but one inactive not actually active!! its good hes working on a new scrip that will always run and ban cheaters!!!!
  • That bot was made by Dharma. If bob dole is infact Dharma then you are right he made it, but from the looks of it he gave it to some idiot.. From what i saw in Uni chat.. Dharma made the bots , he obviously gave it to some one... ALSO! he said he …
  • See you give someone els a bot and they do the same thing as me. Hypocrites. Salty much? lol you should be happy! you're no longer the only Bitch on SK and no one gave them bots they made it to prove to you how retarded you are for thinking maki…
  • Why are the rounds sooo Freaking short... 3 weeks? the hell?
  • its a name.
  • lol as if you have any power over what i do.. LOL and for the record im already on EA. i have been for the last 4 rounds of SK.. So now please for the love of God Rob. Go jump off a bridge.
  • robtomos bank farm (X:9,Y:2) DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD
  • but I like to create drama. That's what makes the game interesting. I love seeing people nerd rage. lol , you are not creating Drama your are Drama. I bet your are actually just a 16 year old little girl hiding behind a fictional Egocentric MAN…
  • the only thing that was posted in our Alliance is how much of a trash KD you had and that you war abuse. and that potential retals where coming. Aside from that we where just having a good time at how you cheat and suck and we play Legit and still…
  • lolol if only that was true. I wonder how much Bcart would sell this game for! id love to run this ( make a little cash on the side) actively ban ROB every 30 sec..
  • I second that! but i think the kid is always mad! lol... i just picture him walking around with a red face and Fumes coming out his ears all the time. lolol
  • you know your country is fucked up when your only 2 options is Trump and Clinton .
  • Shoot first ask question later? LOL you mean Suck First and suck even more later right? you insult people calling them bad .. but you have a TRASH KD and you War just to make attacks.. you are the definition of SUCK. lol
  • Rob your KD is fucking Trash man... not sure how you are so big.. oh wait cause you use bots . robtomos bank farm (1:12) (May 24, 11:07:06) Action: Spy on Military Report: The probes have come back with a report that is 100% accurate: Home Le…