Star Kingdoms: Universal Domination is Imminent, My Friend.
Signup - Terra Nova - Step 2
You have selected the Terra Nova universe. This universe is home to the most Kingdoms and should provide an entertaining and competitive environment. You are encouraged to take part in the community. Star Kingdoms is more fun if you participate.

Round 92
Round Start: October 4, 21:00:00
Round End: December 11, 21:00:00

To create a Kingdom you will need a BSGid. Please select one of the following:
I do not have a BSGid. This is my first time creating a Kingdom or playing any game in the BSG Online Games Network.
I do not have a Kingdom in this universe but I already have a BSGid.
The universe is now at war.
Stardate: 10913.45563
Gregorian: November 13, 2019 - 02:56:07
Players Online: 4