Star Kingdoms: Universal Domination is Imminent, My Friend.
Signup - Centaurus - Step 2
You have selected the Centaurus universe. This universe is home to at most 350 Kingdoms. Only 1 Kingdom can be created per computer. If you are sharing a computer only one person will be able to play in this Universe. This universe is rich in resources as each Kingdom enjoys a bonus of 50% of their normal income.

Round 92
Round Start: December 13, 21:00:00
Round End: February 19, 21:00:00

To create a Kingdom you will need a BSGid. Please select one of the following:
I do not have a BSGid. This is my first time creating a Kingdom or playing any game in the BSG Online Games Network.
I do not have a Kingdom in this universe but I already have a BSGid.
The universe is now at war.
Stardate: 11010.20341
Gregorian: February 17, 2020 - 20:52:55
Players Online: 2