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  • I can not sign up either
  • Ive seen their defenses and I have seen the def of targets I have been hitting and there has been much better land around. I specifically pointed out that they are being hit about 1x per hour. I know its a small uni but it is still curious that the…
    in Farming Comment by FYIR April 2018
  • I just find this curious that one player would be hit every hour by several different KDs and then another KD would be hit every hour by several different KDs. Im sure they might be decent targets but it is very irregular for the same KDs to get hit…
    in Farming Comment by FYIR April 2018
  • 18 seconds from Frankfurter attacking to Don't Push Me grabbing.
  • I know Persona isn't playing anymore, neither are TankWolf, Fade, HertogJan,
  • Pulled from uni chat September 12, 09:42:17 Its Only Smellzz (1:16) September 12, 09:03:57 Our brave kingdom Frankfurter (1:10) attacked Good Samaritan (2:19) and conquered 175 planets. September 12, 09:42:29 Purple Kush (1:10) Maybe 3 ppl manuall…
  • I miss the days of 20 galaxies, those were the days...and cheaters got disabled. What a thought.
  • Not saying cheater, but what is going on with Interstellar 1:4...already out of newbie mode?
  • Real player. Last round was my first round back in many years. What a surprise to come back to.