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  • Lol just put my account into deletion. going over to EA.
  • I offered bcart $25,000 USD plus a 10% profit share of premium & ad revenue. I offered to do all the yard work, programme an SK app for the google play store & apple store. Emailed [email protected] - Got a simple "No" as my reply. He obv…
    in Game Rights Comment by Akali May 2016
  • LOL, this pill popper, also arsoned me one day, and when i pmed him with question DID he do this, he pretend he dsnt know anything and that robs are part of the game, and thats how this lil cunt avoided being hit lol, now i see i was arsoned by him …
  • this war just seems like an excuse for stink to farm. No designated targets. Pointless playing. Goodluck everyone
  • Yes!
  • The hole uni just got power over you. Hahahah. Regardless. How can anyone have power over someone in an online txt based game? Im really confused lol. I could give 2 shits about my txt score =oP Im only 2nd (1st now pandas crushed) because all the v…
  • I won't be back next round. Had my fun lol
  • My home countrys going to win, they just smacked france all the way back home.
  • Who deleted it?
    in Cheating Comment by Akali October 2015
  • he also uses this account Sanciai (1:16) Kingdom Logo Kingdom Information Planet Type: Terra Form Networth: 1,120,208 (74) Land: 3,113 (83) Honor: 8,315 (11) Networth/Land Ratio: 359.85 (34) Online (Last 10 minutes): No Contact Information …
  • What a dick head. People still support xLTx? God damn. Skolu grazinimas (1:14) Kingdom Logo Kingdom Information Planet Type: Terra Form Networth: 4,878,896 (23) Land: 19,120 (18) Honor: 4,986 (18) Networth/Land Ratio: 255.17 (114) Online (L…
  • The person from 1.12, Name started with K. Admitted in universal chat that he helped LT & Hellonwheels by taking over sectors, changing alliance passwords and trapping sectors that were helping destroy LT. I am still very new to this game and no…
  • This will be my last round, Why does the owner of this game not just delete it if he does not care for it.
  • Posted on August 9, 15:11:57 Both are anti turtle and the probing time and log in time and hit time prove there is some fishy business. SnapshotLifestyle (2:16) Kingdom Logo Kingdom Information Planet Type: Desert Wasteland Networth: 269,780 (…
  • This is a little shady.. July 25, 09:45:28 buzzkillz (1:17) Spy on Military 223,370 175 The probes have come back with a report that is 99% accurate: Home Leader War Leader #1 War Leader #2 War Leader #3 War Leader #4 Status AVAILABLE (0) AVAILA…
  • thats what i have been carrying for roughly 2 years now in michigan. barely even notice its on you. Lol
  • April 17, 12:03:14 Our brave kingdom valhalla (2:15) attacked Touch My Nipples (2:15) and conquered 60 planets. April 17, 12:04:17 Our kingdom valhalla (2:15) bravely defended against YouSawPplGonaDie (2:4) and was victorious. April 17, 12:09:31 …