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  • Referring to the pictures posted. Read the EA rules page where it states: "Uploaded Content Anything posted or uploaded to the site must be reasonable for all ages. No nudity, obscene or offensive content will be allowed. This applies to personal me…
  • Round of Turtling. You mean, Era of More Bots... Again
  • i didnt receive my welcome email with activation code Not Found The requested URL /verify/resend/ was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. http:…
  • can an admin on EA help me get my account back? reset password and still cant get in I sent you a PM, let me know what ur problem is resetting ur p/w and i'll fix it when sober
  • gosh darnit Jessica can play, but her 20 friends cannot!
  • The scripts don't even load external links, ads, etc. Only the urls they are hard programmed to trigger to execute the explore/build/attack, etc. No additional ad revenue gets generated
    in Game Rights Comment by Bean April 2016
  • Also if you clowns really think I'm using a bot to tick hit. I will go on ea and show you that isn't what is happening. You're not welcome, legit or otherwise.
  • I miss how CGS / DirectTV had their broadcasts setup. Watching 1st person as a spectator and having it constantly rotate around on someone else's whim annoys me to no end.
  • That would run no problems. Could probably run most AAA games in medium settings. I picked all that up in a bare bones offer for $1,200 cad. (minus 16GB RAM & 2 SSDs), that same setup still goes for $1,400+ today. About the only practical upgrad…
  • ArAcHnId brought that one on.
  • Yeah. Only game I really play these days is World of Warships. Good game. For my display I use my 60" LED HD TV
  • I do have this old desktop kickin around, might run it... If I ever get home from vacationing AMD FX8350 Eight Core 4Ghz Cpu 32GB DDR3 XFX Radeon HD 7970 Double D 3GB DDR5 256GB SSD, 128GB SSD, 2x 2TB HDD
  • My laptop won't run CS:GO very well
  • Just another day in paradise guys. Lets see how badly I can do after not really playing for 5 years :P I'll direct you to where you would rather be ->
  • Things never change
  • We felt it was best to leave the policing to the players, with the exception of the big problems such as bots and multi armies. We've implemented an IP mask much like IPvSK to give players the ability to see when an empire matches with someone else.
  • it actually looks pretty nice, ill be defo playing once you reset it Someone wanna clue these guys in?
    in Dear Bcart Comment by Bean December 2015
  • I've just been multied on s2. Who's the grade A loser responsible? The one that can't win with one account so they have to play like a knobhead. It's been happening in SK for a while now, very sad. If only there was a game similar to SK, but without…
    in Dear Bcart Comment by Bean December 2015
  • like i'm gonna sign up to sk these days Lies. She's already signed up, multiple times!
    in LF group. Comment by Bean December 2015
  • So how would this bonus work, one kingdom can explore 10% more and others 25% more? Lol
  • Bean... Havent play your game since 2012... Whats the go with probing these days? (cant see any help links) Hope this helps. Also added the links to my todo list.
  • i cant access it at work All connections are checked against a DNS blacklist that deals with proxies. If you are on their list, you can't access the game. It's unfortunate but necessary to prevent the use of bots and scripts to overrun the game. W…
  • I guess I could set up a second calc to work for yours edit: created an account, loving the layout. If mobile version does go forward, I might actually be able to start playing once again! If you don't mind setting up a calc, it shouldn't be too …
  • No site is 100% DDOS proof, it all depends on the amount of bandwidth and cpu power that is backing the website. There are protections that most sites do take to protect themselves, such as firewalls. Given that many services are going to a cloud ba…
  • Mobile layout isn't far off, easily modified from the normal layout
  • Read the tutorials @ for whichever languages you'd like to learn. I suggest start with a browse through html, the onto php then mysql. Once you learn php, every language (asp, C++, C#, java, etc) will follow the same concep…
  • i'm in the talented but lazy pool :P What's your talent, tickling your bird?
  • Yo #Bean. I can give you a block on my Dreamhost account. Should be a better host to put it on with full PHP, mySQL (or Postgre if that's your poison), and some Shell access. Best part is that it allows for multiple users/logins, so we're not shar…
  • I have uploaded the code and started setting it up on a free host, although there are some downfalls because they limit what is available in the functionality of php. I'll upgrade it to a better host in the new year, and just use a few work arounds …
  • If people want to play it in it's almost finished state, I can throw EA back online using some free web hosting site or something. It's been a while but I think it was only missing a few game features (sector weapons, mass messaging and a few of the…