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Arsons on the dancefloor?

edited November 2013 in Game Talk
anyone still got it? i tried to find it on youtube, but alas, nothing.


  • Wait what
  • It's a song uncle groove made for Luminatx
  • mmmm i wasn't here back then but i heard kes and sci laugh lots about it the first round i did a stunner alliance and we did lots of arsons

    arsons on the dancefloor!
  • I used to have it. Doubtful if I have a copy saved anywhere though.
  • I think I still have it @ home, good ol' times 8). I'll try to look for it tonight when I get home from work.
  • i would make arson give you a BJ if you could put it on youtube or something
  • I have it but it would cost ye :)
  • i can pay you in bullets and blowjobs (from arson)
  • Havent played in years -- Neal either -- But I might ask him to come back next rd :)
  • Tried to find it in 6years ago HDD, I failed :( Must have deleted it...
  • awe trolled :( I was realllly hoping to see arson busting a groove
  • Arson can blow me (X:4,Y:9) Forest and Wilderness 250 16,803 1,200 13h

    1:19 got a new funny kd
  • yeah that was my bad :D
  • sgvsgv
    edited April 2014
    Lol, the Lum Anthem
    Made when it was Lum vs Uni and we ended up winning the round!

    Uncle Groove here btw and yes I have it - tried to upload it via here but 2Mb limit. Will put it on Soundcloud.

    BTW - I released it originally as The Kill Targets present Arsons on the Dancefloor.
  • Next round this tune might need a remix/update anyway I think as who knows, it might have relevance again. Then again... it might not.

  • There u go aza
  • i'm so in love with you right now
  • what can I say.. ur human, it happens :D
  • What is this ?
  • Some propaganda music, also I'm dancing.
  • Deadly Groove.
  • cheers kes :)
  • HA ... people still playing this game, Arsons on the Dancefloor still at number 1 all these years ... albeit the ONLY SK song to my knowledge ;)) =))
  • Havent played in years -- Neal either -- But I might ask him to come back next rd :)
    Kes.. dont sell your soul bro
  • edited May 2014

    Sounds like an Aussie ... WTF??
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