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To play or not.

Last round, it wasn't worth playing as the multies took everyone out..

So I'm in 2 minds if to bother playing or not.


  • Don’t bother. How many rounds you played hazza? 30? More? They’re all the same. Cheaters gonna cheat.

  • 30? Lol more like 120 odd.

  • He deleted me I think. I signed up an started playing, but now my login doesn’t work and I can’t even create a new account

  • He had a purge Christmas, loads of bsgids lost.

  • Know those movie scenes when a misterious call tell the person "Get out, now! Hurry before its too late"

    yep, this is your chance.

    do it, do it now! (schwarzenegger voice)

  • Might be in the free and clear if he never resets it anywho! :D

  • edited July 2019

    not it would seem

  • Think someone needs to let him know lol.

  • This game has been ruined by multis. I spent a month building a kd just to get multied to death - not doing that again, waste of time playing. Find me on
    Thanks for all the good times BCart, I really mean that, but Goodbye.

  • edited September 2019

    The game was pretty much dead when Rob's bot took over. He became admin by default due to his abilities but also unable to make any positive changes to the game itself. It's unable to be corrected in this manner. The end result is that too much of the game play is handicapped.

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