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[WarpGate] vs. [Dothraki], [LaughingCow], [NoobTube], [Oldschool], [Oldskools], [BadMachine]



  • i thought illy thought of himself as a legit player? seems more than happy to war kds that are being multied rather than deal with cheats
    Well he fought alongside Skydragon two rounds ago when he was a ghost so it doesn't surprise me.
  • KILL ILLY!!.
  • edited November 2012
    Illy is not exactly the epitome of activity and is only 600 land after dying in the war. I think the bot was carrying a lot of weight before it became a big issue. I realized right off that these big kingdoms dying was a silly ridiculous rate given our activity and we were the larger alliance.
  • oh right... nevermind then...

  • edited November 2012
    You guys surrendered but Bad Machine was so dysfunctional that I simply walked into the forum and began leading the alliance. It was about 48 hours before anyone else showed up. Definitely would not hold Illya responsible he was dead.
  • Bring back WarpGate

  • edited January 2019

    KT Zeality!

    I remember this war. The alliance I was in sucked so bad that they quit but didn't even disband they left us all to be farmed. Nobody had any idea I was playing until I started marking KT's and breaking kingdoms then everyone jumped in and all of a sudden we were kicking ass. The awol leadership showed up a few days later scolding me and saying I had no right and had stolen their alliance. Good times. One of the occasions where I was just hiding, playing legit, and pretending to be new but had to do something to get out of the situation. The leadership sold us out and didn't care after they died so we were left as food. I show up to defend their own alliance and lead it for more than two days but after I marked their buddy on the opposing side as KT they ran back to disband it. Pretty sure POS and Viva had a shit ton of multis and I allied with them so the KTs I was marking got smoked quickly.

  • Damn I remember being AL or VAL of WarpGate/StackedAlliance but I that's about it. I think we all died?

  • yeh this was good.

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