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A new starkingdoms server:

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As many of you know Babylon has approached BCartfall many times over the years in an attempt to keep this community together by purchasing the game. The current asking price is $20,000 for a game that is completely unplayable and at the mercy of bots. This has gone unchecked for years. There is no love for the community as not even broken links have been fixed. Due to this we have taken the only road available. I am not even going to tell you what was said in regards to this community by this administrator during discussions. Let's just say that he seems bitter and we don't understand what the problem is. We've never understood and mean no disrespect towards him, we wish him the best but you're looking at the end game for this server.

Mikey and myself have thrown a hail Mary pass and scored a touchdown. We acquired a previously built game that was missing many aspects to function. The creator has actually returned to assist us and make sure the game is fully functional. This is a very well coded game that we intend to fully upgrade over time. In fact the entire design is being overhauled as we speak.

We are now running a beta round. You may sign up and take a look around. Everything is going to change but make yourself at home. You're all invited to try out this experiment with us. Many clones have been created in the past and they have all floundered in some way. Maybe they just gave up, didn't have the time, and so on. Mikey and myself have always been here, we are not hard to find, and we have refused to play with the bots. I have never accepted the current state of the game and pointed out cheating every round that I've played. I'm the chief security officer on this game. I am the police here and there will be no bots on this damn game. Our desire is to grow this community and make it entertaining again.


Lot's of things are in the works. SSL, forum redirection, complete redesign, overhaul, and so on. We're not stealing the game, we're stealing the soul of the game. The soul belongs to the community and we invite you all to join us.


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    Discord servers to talk with active players:


    What separates this clone from the others is that this situation has been forced on us. As part of this community we understand what you like, and what you do not. We don't want to remove that distant element of the admin and the anarchy it brings, but we do want to step in when necessary. Repeated efforts have been made to do this in the appropriate fashion. I don't think anyone would disagree that the price quoted is a never going to sell price that would only inflate if we produced it. We are the most loyal players and even fought other clones to prevent the player base from splitting. Omni once said Dank will be the last player on the game. He was right, because I'm taking the game with me. Mike aka Babylon 10 will be the final word on things as the new owner and is not affiliated with any of the drama or baggage the rest of us have, but has been in the background since day one. Nobody should be concerned about previous beefs with me as I am simply security. If you are caught cheating you "might" have to deal with me, but short of that my UA days are over while I patrol this game.

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    I want to say I have not played this shit in like 7 years or more and for some reason you chosen few continue to choose to suffer, but Babylon is not the answer whatsoever. He fucked up every game he ever tried to run as a spinoff or similar game to SK because he was an idiot and hothead.

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    Crash you should come over with us since you are still lurking and join the discord. We want everyone to give input and feedback. There really are no other options right now. For Christmas BCartfall signed on and trashed the game, causing people to be locked out of their accounts. We've hit rock bottom here. We're all loose cannons but together we can keep each other in check and make this work, somehow. That's what other clones were missing though is the community and that's what makes this game. It's not going to work if we don't all change and meet at a new place. Having .net makes the most sense.


    If you can't log in while we work on the page try this.

  • Well it looks totally awful and unplayable for the time being, but best of luck :)

    if anyone wants to make a calc for this please feel free to re-use my code.

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    It's improved quite a bit already. The coder is no noob. We'll get there. A new beta round is beginning. You can sign up and the second beta round begins at 12pm eastern standard time.

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    We may include your calc in the game or even auto calc it RMagician. Thank you. It depends what people think about it. It seems pointless to make people calc it anymore nobody uses a pen and paper as BCart envisioned.

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    wow I haven't even trained sci/soldiers yet and i'm down to 7.5k cash !!

    need to increase that by quite a bit :p

  • played this version before

  • i got disabled for cheating lol? u got to be kidding me

  • Cheater

    You are disabled for cheating. Contact the admins if you think you should be re-enabled.

    lol o well

  • SK game with Dank as admin....scary stuff!

  • btw a few things:
    Definitely a good move to include the calculator

    this game definitely needs to go from being math heavy to being more management.
    Basically everyone uses the extensions, which kinda points to the fact that these things should not be an extension but rather a part of the game. I dont see why anyone would want to calculate exactly how many sci they need for a certain research, but i do see why everyone would want to keep them maxed.

    Another thing is transparency over the formulas. No point in keeping them secret, might as well make them public and make it so much easier for people to build tools.

    Finally, when I try to go on your forums, chrome tells me the website is not secure and a potential danger due to hackers >.> you might wanna have a look into that.

    Oh, and no RWCE? :(

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    We have to hook up the SSL the domain was being moved so we couldn't do it at the time but I'll look back into it. It will say insecure until then just don't put your credit card info into the forum and you should be ok. If you get disabled join the discord and post to one of the rooms I'll fix it. I told Jamend about the bot problem so he might get a bit trigger happy. Just hollar at Jamend, Babylon, or myself and we'll reenable you as long as you aren't a bot or obvious cheater. We'll work this out as we go forward. It's my fault as I told him what was going on around here so he went into guard mode.

    I assume you were Rmag it should be active and we are looking into RWCE.

  • My playing days for these types of games are over dank. Good luck. I had hoped for a long time someone would make something that caught on, but now it is what it is for me.

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    id rather play sklone than....

    --randomly killed by a fucking botting bitch that won't get banned.
    --randomly have my account deleted? ??? wtf is that?
    --listen to fuckfaces like the above shit on everything and everybody



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    Rmag, i am working on the game also, i have plans to add the extension functions into the game, it takes time but they will be added.

    still plenty of functions are missing or broken.

    the research page and kingdom status pages are my first targets. Just gotta start working, going on holiday so next month stuff will appear :)

    will prolly do some small edits while on vacation, cuz ofc there are those hungover days xD

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    There has been a slight change of plans. Crash was right, which I knew from the beginning but sometimes you have to let things play out. There has been a change of plans as the game is now split in two. Babylon got ban happy and I just can't relate to him loving his kingdom so much so I'm out the door. Once the bans started that was it that's just not starkingdoms.

    Revision: It is now no bots and no ridiculous bans.

    I'm taking a version to for the time being where I will be the head admin. It will be in alpha for at least the next round but you may sign up. There are no promises to anything work at any given time. I have no idea what's in store for the coming days so don't come at me bro... if things get screwy. I'll assemble a team.

    If you think you can help in some way join us on Discord.

  • let me know when 25+ people stick around over two rounds. ill play.

  • What happened to beans game

  • Bean closed it, as he disappeared onto a oilrig.

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    Beans game is awesome but it's not running. We need a game ticking 365 days a year for when this one goes down. BCart dropped in and messed up tons of logins with not so much as a single post on the game about it. Anyways didn't work out the admin went ballistic and banned us all.

    My version is stable with the missing elements of his that were not working now repaired. The only people getting banned over here are bots and people scripting their accounts. The server is stable, the ticker is on the server, so even if I decide to go work on an oil rig tomorrow it will still be running.

    You should just join up Arson. There is 0 doubt you can depend on me to put in two rounds of work and still be here. My overhead for the entire thing is the price of a cup of coffee each month. I've circled the bases and have this on cruise control. I just need yall to sign up and have some fun.

    It's a beta round but really this is the games 8th beta at least if not more. Lots of things have been repaired it's in a presentable state.

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