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  • serious question @Drankhof do you really not get what we're telling you and why or are you pretending to be stupid?

    sped admitted to cheating, I will say somewhat honorably in this case to save outlaw and mint, case closed he gets the wipe
    all evidence against cumgit is thrown out because ip matching is no longer evidence, he denies it, theres no more additional evidence although I'd be willing to see some if you had it. he denies it. case closed

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    edit: nevermind you were talking to sped i assume. i haven't played in over a year.

  • I'm pretending to be you though so you're totally guilty Arson. Trying to steal their passwords!

  • Im stupid??
    You're reaction is so kame: 'he denies it', 'IP's is no longer eviddnce'
    You nake me laugh! Of course he denies, and IP's no proof anymore?

    Haha, it means if you denie there is no proof. Haha.

    This is so much bullshit. Btw this is my last reaction on a troll like you

  • well, is there interaction between the KDs?

  • If the ivpsk system is broke and 80% of kds matched. I don't see how it is evidence. Number 1 kd builder should understand that Drankhof lol

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    Yes there is Rmag. I said I still think he owns both because they attacked within 20 minutes. Asido was completely inactive and not participating until 432 wanted to include himself in this.

    December 7, 00:47:26 Our brave kingdom 432 (1:1) attacked Fuck You Very Much (1:1) and conquered 64 planets.
    December 7, 01:07:28 Our kingdom Fuck You Very Much (1:1) bravely defended against Asido86 (1:10) and lost 55 planets.

  • has asido registered yet? what else do we know, this is super circumstantial with no additional proof. I think of it the same confidence I would need to shoot someone in the head

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    20 mins between attacks sped? You stretchin mate.

    You've played with me before. Ever seen evidence of me cheating in chats? Dun think so.
    You could ask anyone we both know. You will hear the same.
    Call whateva BS comes to mind to save yourself from the embarrassment of being held your head on a platter by your supposed prey.

    And just because you cheat @ every chance given (known by whole universe), doesn't mean everyone does.
    Feel sorry for the kids you coach. All those honourable morals of fair play you are instilling into their psychies. Makes for an even more fucked up world to come... Cheers for that.

  • You're some low-life talking about my personal life on discord without me even being there to defend myself, and now here on PFs.

  • edited December 2018

    That's personal life? That's public life fool.
    If I were to get personal I would mention your affiliation with the LBGTQ Community.

  • its L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ in 2018 you fucking bigot shitlord

  • Feel sorry for the kids you coach. - Not OK

    Dude I dated a girl who ran a soccer park in a smaller community, finding anyone that is good with kids and is an OK person is hard. At least he is volunteering his time to deal with usually ungrateful parents who criticize his every move cause their kid didn't get to play as much as another.

    If he does cheat (I'm not saying he does or doesn't) you should not drag his personal life beyond the normal online gaming shit.

  • 20mins lol, I didnt see Sped say shit about cleros and undeads 15 seconds.

  • Where's the fucking popcorn ?

  • edited December 2018

    No, because they were the same person in my opinion.

  • Oh for a world where people aren't offended over simple words.
    Toughen up princesses. We ARE grown men & not kiddies here right?

  • my wife is offended by everything I say or do.


  • edited December 2018

    @Barricade That's a given mate... Wife offended & kids embarrassed :neutral:

  • What in the fuck goes on around here lol

  • Come back Greggorz... I miss your salty arse.

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