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Re-Vote: How should KDs who hit the bots early be punished? New voting rules inside

I want to clarify that I am 100% fine with the outcome of the poll, I didn't care either way as I just needed a punishment to be carried out and a deterrent for breaking the rules in the future.

I was watching the poll results, it was dead even 9-9 this afternoon and suddenly shot up 6 votes all for drankhof. I don't buy that, online polls are stupidly easy to manipulate, it magically swung to the side with a motive to do so, and my trust has been broken twice already.

So we are changing elections going forward to be votes PMed to rob via discord and PFs only.

Regarding the most recent poll, as discussed on the discord, it is Rob's judgement call on whether to hold a re-vote or accept the most recent answer; his decision is below

RobToday at 9:12 PM
Darius remake the vote thread. Inform them to contact me by PF Pm or Discord. Voting for either 1) Darius plan 2) drankof plan
12 hour time limit
after 12 hours i will add up the votes
and start the punishment

RobToday at 9:13 PM
also i will not accpet any votes from any new discord
from this point on


  • getting confusing.... drankof's proposal was option 1 before. Now it' option 2? Some will defo get it wrong.
    Answer with persons name...
    Drankof's or Darius's

  • oh sorry, I didnt realize rob switched them in comment, staying consistent with previous

    Option 1: Drankhof Plan
    Option 2: Darius Plan

  • edited November 2018

    @dariusayyy These are signs that your pot smoking is getting slightly out of control mate.

  • edited November 2018

    I normally hardly check pf's, but this is really getting funny

    I will leave my comment for later, but who do we have to PM?, do you have a name of it.

  • Thanks Cum.
    Hope I did it right, I think I have never pm'ed someone on pf during years of playing

  • pm @Pandask or Rob on discord

  • 12 hours and 15 min later than your post.

  • edited November 2018

    nevermind, misread something

  • I don't get it.
    Everyone is expecting an outcome now, and than it doesn't come.

    It can't be too hard to count less than 25 votes I guess

  • I just asked rob for the results on discord, I will post them when he does.

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