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edited November 2018 in Game Talk

As of 12:00 PM today SK time, it is now allowed (via vote) to hit the bots.

Regarding those who have been ignoring the rules, the initial sentence was death, but I feel that is a bit too harsh for the crime, the sentencing guidelines have been reduced to the below

There was a blanket rule in place before then, and those who broke it will be punished. The reason this punishment will be carried out is it is important to respect the rules as defined by the community. Playing fairly and correctly can and should always simply be the most optimal way to play. I realize some people will simply choose to ignore rules as they see fit, so the universal deterrent will be no reward/advantages for breaking the rules, only punishment. You are free to break the rules as much as you like, but consequences are harsh and guaranteed.

As discussed on the discord, I don't have an issue with people hitting the bots, although I personally voted 'no' on allowing it, but I do have an issue with people gaining advantages by ignoring the rules.

Enforcement & future deterrents will be as such;

1 Hit on bots pre-allowance = Fails equivalent to your current defense at time of sentencing.

Example: You have 20k tanks defense at time of sentencing, so 10 bots will send 2000 tanks as "fails" equivalent to a hit to damage your defense, but you will be allowed to keep the land

2 Hits on bots pre-allowance = 2x the sentence

Example: You have 20k tanks defense, so 20 bots will send 2000 tanks as fails equivalent to two hits worth of damage on your defense, but you will be allowed to keep the land


3+ Hits on bots = 2x current defense "fails", then .25x per hit beyond that. Meaning if you attacked bots 4x, you will get 2.5x your defense worth of fails

20k base defense x 2.5x = 50k tanks sent at you but not enough to break

@Robtomo FYI, any hits on bots before 12:00 PM today will fall under these rules, as well as for rounds going forward.




    Poll results, they closed at 13 vs 9 which is the majority of the uni (25 active players), I'm pretty sure someone cheated the poll to get it up to 21 yes but whatever lol

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    What is the punishment for gangbanging a KD? Isn't this a community rule?
    What is the punishment for recreating your KD when the first doesn't benefit you? Isn't this a rule clearly defined in the rules?

    From the Game Rules page (

    Account Managing:

    You are only allowed to create one account per person. Account sharing or exchanging is not allowed. As the owner of the account you must be the only one that logs into it. You may not get another person to watch over your account. Deleting and remaking an account to get on a certain sector is not allowed.

  • Well those rules don’t benefit Darius so they don’t apply, duh!

  • If rob thinks I'm somehow abusing my 'power' he's more than welcome to murder me at any time

    The reality is I don't have a relationship with him in any capacity, I'm just donating my time to establishing extremely basic ground rules, which I have to say have made the game much better and the discord has made people more active and interactive. I don't have any real authority beyond that and you know it lol.

    The two rules 'I made' are as follows

    1. Register your KD with neutral third party
    2. Don't hit the enforcement bots

    If you know of a way I could possibly be abusing these two rules, feel free to criticize me for it

  • Rule 2 Was more along the lines of don’t hit the bots..until I can safely do so as well now that the nutter suicidal DW can’t break me...but it is what it is. Continue molding this Westworld of yours :)

  • I voted no on the bots lol. I dont want them, right now I have a dominant lead and nobody can catch me without being, for example, a mount/fw kd fed by bots and reaching the stage where researches become impossible to maintain while their PT bonus simply overwhelms me.

    I'd have 0 issues raping everyone top-down and its to my personal benefit to force everyone to build defense to grow or explore if they want land\

    Go read the original thread, how have I been inconsistent?

    November 11
    ** Signed up

    @Pandask Hey Rob. Any food bots incoming?

    November 11
    I think bots should be allowed to be hit as before.

    November 11
    might change, but first prioirty is murdering non approved players - we can adapt as we go

    November 11
    Once the game starts and the first round of 'unapproved' accounts are killed it should be pretty easy for the bots to keep up. Beyond that the bots should be able to be some food some not, depending on how it goes.

    November 11
    Nobody hit bots early. It took a certain amount of offensive to safely do that.

    November 11
    right im just saying dont hit them off the bat and think thats okay

  • 3 hits is not a gangbang sped, are you attached to Hazza? And gangbang rules dont apply to a KT anyway. The guy was AT, clearly had an agenda to ruin us after three fair grabs. Darius hit cleros twice, in my book clearly multi, but you didnt say shit then did you. fuck off Sped, you clearly just want to be a bitch.

  • Give some credit for a semi decent round away from cheating. No random probings or clear cut multi farming. It is perfect, but why don't you help, instead of bitching.

  • Funny that you make a punishment that gives your own account the biggest benefit.

    If someone gets this punshment, you are the first one to be able to break and take benefit. If you do this punishment, you can better kill the abusers off, cause he will get rolled anyway.

  • What should we do about it instead Drank? Open to suggestions

  • I guess death by bots

  • I was working...sorry couldnt vote.

  • But i abstain...for the record!

  • I am good with this arrangement of punishment.
    This is a work in progress fellas. It will come to a working model soon after a round or 2. In the meantime, when was the last time we didnt have to worry about multies & bots in the mix.
    If we can get over all our egos, it should get back to a good game situation soon.

  • bots should be fair game, a part from when they have a kt. something for next round.

    the round has been fine, a part from what happened to me. yes, rmah should not have recreated but can we not look past a small hiccup

  • First of all:
    Why where some DW kd's get killed that were high offence? I haven't seen a rule that wrote that.
    Second: I have seen a lot of inactives with full cash right after nb-mode ended. Where they approved?
    I guess not!
    Where they killed?
    I guess not!

    Kd's that hit them got a big advantage from the start and nothing was done about these kd's

    For this discussion:
    Well, I doubt it was a benefit to hit a bot, cause they were better defended than any other kingdom compared to land.
    For me personally: I don't read all pf's all the time just play this game, same as others maybe
    Maybe ppl hitted them not to gang others, what is very possible in a game with 25 players.

    If you really think it is an advantage they had, than do something like:
    1 hit made when it wasn't allowed= you are not allowed to hit the bot for 1 full day(when it is allowed for the rest)
    2 hits made when it wasn't allowed= you are not allowed to hit the bot for 2 full days (when it is allowed for the rest)
    3+ hits made when it wasn't allowed= you are not allowed to hit the bot for 3 full days (when it is allowed for the rest)

    This way you punish them with a judgement they had benefit from earlier and not give a big benefit to the rest.

    Maybe a suggestion, but do whatever you want.
    My opinion is to just let ppl hit the bots from day 1, it's no benefit at all and you make ppl get banged a lot less (maybe for next round).

  • edited November 2018

    I killed two or three kingdoms right out of newbie mode for not contacting me to put themselves on the list. Besides that I killed one other kingdom which was suicided and a questionable cheater, also which wasn't on my list, but I let slide due to speaking limited English. I don't remember killing any high offense DW kingdoms.

    As far as inactives go, my stance has always been and will remain the same. Everyone here knows how to track inactives using the ID system and should have the experience to tell if a kingdom has built military or not by simply monitoring NW growth. Therefore everyone has the same opportunity to hit said kingdom. Sure there is a convince factor of knowing exactly when it comes out of newbie mode for the person who made it, but unless there is an IP match you will never be able to tell who made the kingdom. I can't tell you how many times I've beat people to the punch on inactives that had a shit ton of money. Does that mean I had to have made it if I got the first hit? Absolutely not.

    As for the suggestion for punishment of hitting the bots before it was deemed alright. I like the idea, but I'd like to get some feedback from other people.

  • I voted no on the bots lol. I dont want them, right now I have a dominant lead and nobody can catch me without being, for example, a mount/fw kd fed by bots and reaching the stage where researches become impossible to maintain while their PT bonus simply overwhelms me.

    Totally different than a TF who is already in the lead getting fed off an AT and gaining more than than those who hit the bots right?

  • You never change, always envious.

  • You never change, always nose up Darius' ass.

  • sometimes I'm in front and he doing me from behind.

  • we switch hit to keep it fair, I'm excited for girl week barry!

  • honestly I dont have a problem with dranks idea, but I think some players who followed the rules will object. I will make a poll

    again idgaf, I didnt even know people were hitting bots until yesterday. I didnt know who was or how many times until rob made the list, and I made up the punishment beforehand. My objective was that it would suck to have happen, but non fatal and would be light enough to actually carry out

    If you guys feel a restriction on hitting the bots is enough, I am more than happy. The game isnt interesting to me without competition, considering I'm teaching half of my current 'enemies' my best secret strategies to create new rivals, it should be pretty fkin obvious I am not interested in hurting others for my own benefit but I guess not

  • I also dont object to allowing bot hits out of the gate. My original concerns were that we would have considerable multis to deal with and the bots would be open from sending tanks to break them. I didnt want the players helping wreck robs bots while they fought multis/another bot, so I made it a blanket rule. I also think it is important to follow through on enforcing the rules so people respect them, but there is virtue in showing logical mercy if a better fitting punishment is identified

  • Still waiting on an answer to an actual Game Rule being broken by those who created and owned multiple accounts to land in a sector that better benefited them.

  • yeah I'll start worrying about bcarts rules as soon as he starts enforcing them, but he isnt and he wont

    you are discussing this as a serious problem when the in the current state game enforcement is left up to a random guy with 300 kds lmfao

    If rob wants to enforce that rule, so be it. Otherwise you're just bitching about things to bitch about them lol. You only know about it because he didnt try to hide it, and now hes half afk and not even playing the round. What is the point of your vendetta?

  • So only you can make up rules, got it.

  • yes, actually, that was literally the original point of my post. I can make up rules (legislation), rob can choose to enforce them at will (executive), do we need a third branch? Do you want to be on the supreme court sped? You're important too, I promise. I can make you chief justice of the supreme court and 4 others willing to sign up for it can rule on whether shit is unSKconstitutional

  • New rule proposal:

    “The Cam Rule”

    Nobody is allowed to attack Cam’s kd. If you do, you will be killed. Rob, can I get your backing on this? K, cool, thanks.


    I do think that bots next round should be DW and all goons, free food for everyone. This way everyone can grow and the offense is there for the bots to kill off any cheaters or multis. I don’t see the harm in that. It’d be nice to hit free-land bots to start the round and get it going. As the round progresses, people will grow and start hitting each other as always and hitting bots won’t be all that worthwhile anymore.

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