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Can you pussies not use multis and fight like the men you probably identify as but will never be



  • edited May 2018

    @Viva I love trolling Viva hes so simple minded I can't bait him into anything.. Daniel you let us know when you can afford a ticket across the pond you'll get wrecked bud just like you do every round here.. shit I'll even let you cheat in real life too and it'll be the same result.

  • hmmmm... "en" your life. Sounds very spiritual

  • I think we need to face the fact that Team Ron are cheater and have may multiple accounts
    I know Greg and the spunk guzzler TJ have several

  • edited May 2018

    @Viva spunk guzzler that's cute.. that's the nickname I gave your little sis..

  • Haha good try troll but you've already posted in another thread that I don't multi lol

  • Tj my sister is 14

    So that means you are a paedophile wow

    Lowest of the lowest scum

    You like kids
    Omg that's sick

  • Even Greg isn't that low and sick
    But after looking at your photos and the fact you work at disney land I can see now why you work there a's you perv on the kids

    You should be reported

  • Wow viva you are such a waste of space. The best part of you ran down the crack of your moms ass and dripped all over your grandpas face. You really should just give up on life and try again, just not in our life time please and thanks.

  • @Viva pretty sure you told me she was 20ish and loved to deep throat and if I got her a job I'd have a personal knob polisher .

  • @Viva but you fucked her 1st.

  • Dae your comments are invalid your a newbie

    Tj I's a paedophile

  • Newbie

  • @Viva I'm glad you've finally admitted it Daniel .You're one sick fuck I knew you were illiterate I didn't think you diddled children as well. Really explains a lot

  • Can't wait to put a complaint in about you when I go to disney.

    Dear such and such

    Your name

    I seen this member of staff today , I asked him for some help but too my astonishment he was so so rude and was swearing at my kids
    I am so upset about this and I won't be returning to the park again .

  • Remember I have a 13 inch cock
    I wack it up tjs mamas arse every month
    She's a whore
    I new this first time I seen her she offered it on a plate like a little whore
    I rammed it up and she took every inch
    She's a dirty little cow but I love her like that
    I slam my cock up her are while I first her pussy and slap her arse with my other hand while calling her a fucking dirty bitch

    She loves a bit of big viva

    Absolute fucking slut but I love it
    I love her

    Tj from now on me and your mam are together

    Please call me

  • I see why everyone calls you illiterate now lol this sounds like a short story from a 10 year old acting out

  • @viva i feel kinda bad Everytime I troll Daniel.. I feel like he prob reads all of this.. slams his laptop or cellphone down and then proceeds to beat his dog/wife.. sad sad life .

  • Viva dead yet? And which multi KD is his next hidey hole?
    Please post all SoKs worse than Hazza's....

  • Well, this is getting longer than ' The young and the restless '

  • I bet viva has a really tiny cock

  • Biggest in sk I have showed numerous people who can confirm it's a 13 inches

    To be honest I am not that happy it sounds dumb but I would actually prefer a 7 incher


  • as someone with a big dick I almost never get to do anal but honestly I wouldnt trade it for the ego boost of bein big dick darius you know what im sayin?

  • Bullshit @Viva your sister told all of us its tiny in group chat one night. The shit she will do for a fiver

  • True dat. But be fair davo... She did also tell us, that he could be sooo loving and attentive whilst manicuring her lady bitz. Don't forget that.

  • i like how viva has kept up the story that someone named "turbo shady" actually exists for about 8 years now despite the fact that he matches ip with it every single round.

  • Hahahahahaha

  • Kind of let my Kingdom die last night didn't I ???
    I didn't want to play this round
    But one of my pals from the hall of residents is flying to Italy tomorrow and has asked me to take over it .

    I won't say what account but it's better than most

    Might come back

  • Let your uhhh 5th kd die? As per usual the trollage runs rampant

  • Another kd for us to pillage? May aswell just put it into deletion

  • You think I should take it ?

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