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Can you pussies not use multis and fight like the men you probably identify as but will never be



  • Dae who the hell are you ?

    Meadows is not a woman it's more like a ginger pig

    Greg I dont try on sk too much these days I have been on top several times and won ( not doing bad at moment nor faraway )
    I really just play to troll there is no point me trying for Team Ron to then multi me

  • Yeah ok bc we get multied every Rd... You... Uhh nope. You're never on top long,not hard to be there first week when you cheat as hard as you do

  • What's worth it having a top Kingdom?
    Eventually you get killed by your group anyway. Not hard for TR to have a top Kingdom, you guys just farm every other Kingdom :smirk:

  • No.1 Gregory will be mine

  • i don't think being #1 in sk has meant much in like 4 or 5 years. or ever really. but even less now.

  • He's first alright...first one to obsessively build fighters round after round.

  • Yeah Drankhof? So when we're getting multied or Uni jumping us you don't give a flying fuck! Why should we hold off on running trains on hoes like Viva? Ohhh and to top it off you're saying it's easy for TR to get a top kd bc what 5 of us out number the rest of the uni? Only reason ppl get ate up nowadays is limited targets, literally two of us will hit someone and then the hungry uni hops on. That's not our fault

  • One hit and everybody jumps in.

  • only Barrius kds are good enough to actually break people in the turtlefest that is sk today, so when the gates drop ye all the guys that are behind are forced to jump in = rip

  • I heard Barrius doesn't even lift bro ...

  • the barry part doesnt lmao

  • Barri used a good word in uni chat, "envious" losers. I showed up out built every trash RO player and you guys resorted to multi's and bots yet again. Pathetic

  • Hah unlucky ^

    I like the bit in uni chat when you said you were going to delete

    By the way
    Did you like your sector being infected with a DMP from chuck 1.15 haha
    That was courtesy of turbo shady haha

  • aka your multi account

  • Nope turbo shady
    Different person
    Thank you .
    Why didnt you cure it ?

  • 25% cure chance tried twice and failed

  • Haha Viva,
    You own every account or what?

    Funny that a cheater as EightySex says that

  • Greg cured his yesterday

  • Greg had an active sector with a full sector fund.

    Drankhof do you just type random bullshit or would you like to present proof of said cheating.

  • Leave drankof alone eighty six.

    He's a possible future RO recruit haha

  • @EightySix we have multis everywhere. i am also a multi. viva is a multi. 7 billion people are multis, except you and your friends. Tough luck

  • edited May 2018

    Viva is actually a multi, been caught more then once. I don't think you, Roi, inger, or Highwind are though. The tough luck is watching Roi and Inger whom I actually like suffer because of the piss poor people they choose to associate with.

    Shandy has been one of viva's sock puppets for as long as I can remember, and they've matched IP's before. So who's multi is who's?

  • You're the cheater!

  • Just cause someone is better then you doesn't mean they cheat.

  • Na that's Richie totally different person we live in the same a city
    One of 2 others in our city play but not too much .

    Mr boom

  • Chussman = VIVA multi account .

  • @Viva you're still a faggot.. fight me you broke bitch :lol:

  • Live stream it. Its gonna like watching timmy vs jimmy...

    PS vivas head looks like a wart on a hippos arsehole. Seriously a face only his mother could love and his sister sit on

  • See the problem is
    You would dare say that to me in person
    We both know you wouldn't have the balls because I would just en your pathetic life

  • wow, another brave internet knight

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