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how did you hear about SK?



  • I don't care, Viva is probably right. Yeah I start out decent enough but then lose interest and just mess around. I wouldn't say worst player ever but I definitely am more than likely the worst "active" player around due to me not really caring too much about the game like I should. I'm definitely one of the cleanest records here in SK with no history of cheating so I guess that's a plus. I'd rather suck and mind my own business than be good and be flamed every minute.
    I never understood how people can sign up and just play casually. What do you get out of it? The fun for me is trying to outbuild everyone els then rolling them and getting a reaction. Sure back in the day it was different because you could play to help your alliance, but logging in now a days without a purpose/goal would feel like a chore to me. That's why if I don't have the time to fully dedicate myself to a kingdom, I either won't play or just load my bot up because that takes minimal effort.

    Honestly I can kind of understand. When I first came back many years ago, I was an intern in an office and just wanted to peacefully play excel kingdoms in the downtimes like a little zen garden. Then I got fucked over by multis and the scousers for being rank 1, and became the sadistic monster I am today

  • That's the thing Rob. I start out with that intention but usually wind up losing interest. I reckon I keep signing up in hopes that one rd I'll get a kick of inspiration and not fizzle out. Usually I use SK when I have some down time to just build some military make some attacks or help out in a war but as for competitive playing I have no interest. Everyone is different and I'm sure everyone has their own reasons for playing how they do and this is my reason.
  • Saw a banner ad on another game and clicked it, I think I would've been about 14-15. 31 now.
  • I searched for free online games.
  • New to a school saw some guy playing it in the Library sat down tried to play, thought it was fucking retarded cause I got bashed 312 times out of newb, then tried a game or two later. Played 3 rounds, took 12 years off, tried again....... fuck my life
  • I searched for free online games.
    same, only first played rpg battle, then seen what sk was about
  • I think it was year 2002, when my older brother introduced me to this game. And i got hooked right away.
    I'm almost 28 now, so... 15 years of playing, and still having fun! :)

    As for robtomo - it's not always about being nr1. You have killed me with your bots for that same reason - i was nr1.
    I login couple of times a day, look at how my kingdom is growing, and just let it go... the fun of it is, that whenever i have a pause, i can refresh my mind. It's not about going for the first place, it's about the fun of the game itself.
    Everyone cannot be nr1! :)
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