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What did I miss?

edited April 2017 in General
Can someone summarise what happened this round in less than 20 words?
Same old shit?
Worth playing next round?
De Vinci


  • farm fest, was a hazza hunt.
  • wondering the same thing
  • Rob hits Barricade.
    Barricade cries kt.
    Rob bots up.
    Barricade hits vacation.
    Rob kills those who helped barricade.
  • Pretty much same old then....
  • only difference is there is maybe 50 players compared to 300-500 in years past. and i know there were even more than that before im talking like 1-3 years ago.
  • Chuck Norris waits...
  • Chuck Norris waits...
    for no man!
  • Chick nor is doesn't have a chin under his beard. He has another fist there.
  • Jesus can walk on water but Chuck Norris can swim through land.
  • Sup De Vinci? Viva lost again... good rd lol
  • I don't think I lost at all I pulled down 6 other kingdoms

    I was a much higher rank than you
    You build shit dw again and against

    If you were a man you should have told me and gross who you were

    You never
    Thats when I lost enemy respect for you

    Carry on.flipping the burgers you Virgin
  • Greg played it smarter... you guys would have tried to hit him, he knew who you were why would he put his KD in jeopardy? He played it smart not like a pussy.

    Smooth made the best kd this round hands down.
  • even i rolled viva on my shitty kd
  • hey hey, its not shitty. Its pretty in its own way
  • pretty rich in resources
  • Hit me up if you are playing next round kids ;)
  • Hahaha your kingdom was shitty as EVERY sok I gave gross was altered to make you think I had no offense you dumb fuck.. All you did was fail on arson over n over.. Hahaha six kds ruined? Delusional Fucking faggot, nobody gives a fuck about your respect you little dickwad...
  • Game starts weak, robots spawned, half the players killed, game gets worse, ends pathetic
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