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You have one chance to save your country by withdrawing from the EU. I already know you will fuck it up. I have 0 faith in your country removing its head from its ass.

p.s. your navy is shit


  • As the only active poster left in this shithole, Lews the countries fate is in your hands.
  • OK. I'll flip a coin :D
  • edited June 2016
    Well... Lews got arrested for bringing a pen to the voting booth. You must use an eraseable pencil.
  • 14,2 vote to leave
    13,2 mill stay

    SK voting lol... only half want it so it's happening. Other 48% don't like it.
  • 14.7 million leave
    13.7 million remain.
  • edited June 2016
    Sorry for the title but yall never do what I want. Didn't want to jinx it.

    Happy Independence day. Now get your guns back you're going to need those. I know it sounds crazy but a mob of dumbasses is easily deterred when police won't help by pointing a rifle their direction.
  • Well, this escalated quickly Rofl. How it goes so far across the pond?
  • Sad day for UK
  • I don't think so, they have reclaimed sovereignty in betterment for the British people. I wish Texas would follow suit tbh.
  • Reclaimed sovereignty? We never lost it in the first place. This whole idealist claiming back democracy and borders, the UK has borders, the UK has democracy. Leaving the EU did not give us anything back, rather its taken away all the EU grants that we needed in the poorest areas of the UK.
  • I was referring to the ability to work where you want for living in a country that is apart of the EU. Which allows immigrant workers to come and go as they please. Seems appropriate with the current Syrian immigration problem. Also having money to remain in the UK instead of giving to the EU & watching them waste it on bailouts to countries like Greece.
  • edited June 2016
    These dipshits think they're going to infiltrate then start crap while having dozens of kids apiece.
  • If anyone has BCarts contact info would you be able to give me his email address please?
  • Why? He doesn't answer lol. He doesn't even answer the Mods. Go post your dumb game shit somewhere else -.-
  • The guys afraid of his own creation. BCart is a pussy.
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