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My Heart Felt Apology to all of you.

edited January 2016 in General
Yeah. Right, Bitches.


  • Your fart felt what?
  • don't listen to this gypsy ice, he'll swallow your cock whole
  • hahahaha. That was too funny Arson too funny. We know ramyrezzz loves whole cocks not half cocks.
  • you know what they say, lube is for pussies and not assholes
  • edited January 2016
    This is a fake Ice. His spelling was never correct. I am launching an investigation. The Liths may have gotten to Arson as well.

    "My Heart Felt Apology to all of you."

    2πR 1/20(e−r2/π)r dr = −e−r2/2|1/20 = 1 − e−1/4
  • Ok kevo while you busy making dough off of warbang i was watching hooked on phonics >:D< we need dammnet back up running tell bigmike i got a botnet for him
  • tell bigmike to park his free candy van and start up the doomsday device
  • fake ice fake ice
  • Sick psyche.
  • No rel its really me nigga
  • edited January 2016
    fake ice fake ice
    i haven't talked to this fucker on the phone in like two months at least and im his blood, i know its his ass. bigmike was the give away

    heard some stories about this guy back in the day.
  • You never call or text bro :(
  • i dont think i have your new number saved man, pm me. i got like 10 davids in my phone and none of them are working numbers lol
  • don't listen to this gypsy ice, he'll swallow your cock whole
    Oh, so sweet) I love you guys!) This thread will be devoted to those who can not live without love) And I know - you are))
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