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dragons of tarkir

edited March 2015 in General
I'm playing a prerelease today, wish me luck!


  • Good luck man! Let us know if you get any sweet cards.

    Best card I ever got at a prerelease was a foil stone forge mystic. Sold that thing for $115 last summer :)
  • I pulled an Ugin and a foil legendary dragon
  • MTG is still around? People still play?

    *blows the dust off of his 8th edition and much older cards*

    Let's do this.
  • MTG is only getting bigger.
  • I'm not making fun at all, I just wish I kept up.

    I haven't played or bought anything since Mirrodin. Miss it sometimes
  • anyone care to explain what this is so i dont feel silly reading comments?
  • The new set of Magic the Gathering that comes out next weekend.
  • ive seen that on the playstation, never really payed much attention too it though, you get actual cards for it too?
  • Playstation one is based on the real cards. Been out since the early 90's. Loads of fun. Big tournaments are awful though, unless properly ventilated...
  • Lots of smelly kids
  • I actually spent a bit of time at the local hobby shop with a few folks today. Been hilarious as hell lol.
  • Mountains, flying :) Pissed off at least one friend when he realized he wasn't able to counter.
  • I built a G/R/B with some insane cards. I went 3-1 and got two packs for a prize, opened the first pack, pulled a fetch land.
  • I'm not making fun at all, I just wish I kept up.

    I haven't played or bought anything since Mirrodin. Miss it sometimes
    That's exactly where I stopped. I wish I knew where my Odyssey block deck was. I loved all of my 1/1 birds.

  • I played 7th to Mirrodin, Quit. Shards of alara to Eldrazi, quit. Avacyn Restored to Theros. Quit.

    I sold all my non-standard cards when Eldrazi came out though. I've collected a bunch more since though. :D
  • Release is today. Lots of good stuff to boost my 'merica R/W/B deck lol
  • lolb
  • edited March 2015
    I played the prerelease last week, got 4th :D
  • Haven't played since time spiral block
  • I was so butt mad at my event. The guy who beat me in the first round lost every match afterwards. He got lucky with a ban bolster nonsense while I was trying to figure out where the mulligan point was for my deck.
  • That blows man...
  • are you guys familiar with a program called cockatrice? If not you should look into it..well worth your magic playing time.
  • I have it, but I don't have time to play.
    I get my magic in when I have those rare moments of hanging out with my friends in omaha.
  • Is it around again. Wotc sent them a cease and desist a few years ago ( my god, it's been that long)
  • Jeskai?
    Yeah, I am only running Jeskai, Mardu, Temur decks right now.
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