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so, anyone ever benefit from this?

i'm really interested in it, finding cheaper fees to US, europe and asia (gonna include australia here) would make my life a lot easier to go where you people are, or even to meet new places...


  • what is skiplagged?
  • "Skiplagged is an airfare search engine that will make you realize that it's sometimes cheaper to buy more flights than you need."
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    I used to buy tickets for cheap o air, then use airbnb for pleasure/vacation, hotels mostly for business - majority of my trips.

    I have not use ski plagged, and I read the article> tell me if I get this right.

    I have done this trip cutting before, not because I don't want to go to my final destination, but want to stay longer for my stop over.

    For example, my Philippine trip stop over at Hawaii, but I overstayed in the stop over for some reason. Now, since my final destination is CEB-PHIL, it would look like that the carrier on that last connection is not paid, because I did not take that flight. Or maybe they will be paid anyways, since I fully paid my ticket to end destination and I won't get refund anways.

    However, I don't get it. Why would they worry if the seat is vacant...its been paid for by a passenger like me, who just decided that I will take the flight next week, and pay extra money. :)
  • the site gives directions for indirect ways to reach your destination by picking unpopular flights for lower fees...

    imagine that instead of going from Berlin to Stocolm, you book a flight from Berlin to Oran with a stop point in Stocolm.

    Instead of going all the way to Oran, you just drop off at Stocolm.

    Assuming a flight from Berlin to Oran is cheaper.
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    in this manner, you can also find a combination of unpopular flight destinations that sum up to a lower cost than a high demand flight route
  • Reading all the other comments, I have done this many times. I booked a flight to the US, with stop over in Vancouver, say.... one of my trips and make a final destination to Vegas. I have no intention of going to the Vegas anyways, so I end my trip in BC for some business and rock climbing over the weekends, and end up staying longer.
    Then my return trip was the next weekend, so I did not board from Vegas obviously, but second leg, YVR to YOW. I thought it was just my convinience, because going as far as US was cheaper price than compared to direct flight YOW-YVR.

    Now...there is actually company, skip plagged that encourages my exploits and being sued????LOL

    Trust me, I think it was cheaper to fly YOW to Las Vegas than a direct YOW to YVR, hence I did the over booking all the way to Vegas. So, I screwed up their over booking styles...but thank goodness, it worked on my favour. Few years back, they do not cancel your return trip if you don't board in your originating city of destination/return...or I will be stranded in YVR or pay more for a one way ticket.

    I find this law suit ridiculous, now, no more SF stop over for me then before HNL.

  • funny thing that was pointed there...chance of your flight getting rerouted and not making a stop at the desired destination
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    Nah, that always happened, either mechanical failure or natural forces.

    In 2008, I made a trip to the Philippines and it was typhoon season, one hit after my take off from YOW and I was waiting for 5 hours in EWR. Then connecting flights disappear....delayed, cancelled.
    After long wait, I end up stopping in random places: SFO, Taipee, MNL before CEB.
    Then my original trip was suppose to be Newark, Seoul, CEB.

    Then, another time, I have a shorter return flight from the US to Canada, via EWR, very close to YOW ...1 hour flight.
    I don't know what was the deal, mechanical failure or delayed, they re-route us to freaking WYG, and I thought I was in Ottawa already. Then I waited another 2 hours to board for YOW. No explanation, 8 hours delayed of the whole return trip.

    I never check in bags for these reasons.

    Exactly why it is a big deal??? They re-route us all the time. We can also cut our trips if we want to, right?
  • the site gives directions for indirect ways to reach your destination by picking unpopular flights for lower fees...

    Now, that is a great help.....instead of me, manually looking at closer/small airports...which I have done in the past.

  • yeah, from what i understand of the site, you pick origin and destination, and he searches for the cheapest flights that "pass" there

    i'm still learning how to use it though, its so slow, and lacking international airports near my area :(
  • I'm laughing at all the comments @Unreliable. LOL

    Reminds me how I get away with all my trip cuttings, and go to the airline counter...and say something stupid...oh, I was shopping and missed my final destination because....(insert excuses), and please confirm my return flight starting from here (Aloha). ... And they did....
  • This is the company recently in the news that was started by a 19 year old who is currently being sued for a billionty dollars, right?
  • I don't recall airlines ever delaying a flight because I was late/not present. Also, don't they save money by having less passengers? Less weight, less fuel.
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    too little weight (if like 50% of the passengers would do this) might lead to too much fuel

    but i have seen planes being delayed, especially if the passenger has checked in
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