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Any WoW'ers??

edited November 2014 in General
Anyone playing WOD?

I'm playing a DK (Blood specifically) and I'm just cruising through heroics looking for 3 more pieces. All DPS I get in groups is trash so I'd love to get someone who can actually pull 20k+ on a fight, make stuff easier.

I'm Alliance, if anyone wants a carry or to group let me know.


  • talk to magesssssssssssssss
  • Disc healer Horde side healing heroics if anyone interested.
  • aka wow sucks
  • Goat protection pally here
  • I plan on starting up again come december.

    I only have a heal pally unless I can still get a free 90.
  • You get a free 90 with expac I believe. But if you roll alliance and don't have a home, I need raiders
  • Goat simulator mmo is the real mmo
    o shi i better resub for this

    wait do i need to buy the expansion to use a couch
  • Better make sure its a supersized couch for moodows
  • also make sure it's very very non-edible
  • You get a free 90 with expac I believe. But if you roll alliance and don't have a home, I need raiders
    Bleeding Hollow; Alliance.

    I don't plan on switching servers unless my buddy does.
  • Also what is a decent class if I get a level 90? I've played Paladin and Priest before and they are ok, but I'm kind of tired of healing and wasn't a big fan of Paladin's damage side. I was thinking about a warlock for those super chaos bolts that like instant kill or a hunter, but I don't think I'd like the pet much.
  • you can cross realm for all raids til heroic
  • Make a Monk Tyrsis Tank/Healer or Dps = win
  • I'm rocking Gladiator War right now! But Mage, Pally, and DK are fun as well :)

    I'm Horde on Crushridge!
  • azaraptor#1366 is my tag, if anyone wants to add me
  • edited November 2014
    Whats the LVL cap on WoW now? Got 5 lvl 80 toons, All horde.
  • caps at 100 now. It's really not that difficult to get there. The experience grind is no where near previous expansions. If you follow the main story quest through the zones then you will hit it in no time, and enjoy some really awesome cutscenes along the way.
  • gay game, lamissa sux
  • edited November 2014
    Speaking as a main Hunter, trust me, that little fucker is more likable than you'd guess.
    I really want to one shot with chaos bolts though...

    Only two weeks until I start playing again. I'm thinking Dwarf Warlock Destruction. I'd rather have a demon pet that I can kill for damage and stuff rather then a permanent pet.

    Now I do have a level 85 Undead Priest that I might be able to switch over to play with ya, Mages. Just need that sucker power leveled...
  • What server are we on? I'm going to download my shit again, i'll give the new expansion a try.
  • I'm down to start a new char on a new server! Let me know where ya'll want to be :)
  • Nerds. I'm down to join in if you guys wait until Christmas >_>
  • edited November 2014
    >> Shining don't be a pud! Get this shit :D

    I'm going to be a melee toon, all of my existing ones except my Dreadknight are magic.

    @Tyrsis @mages

    Looking for friends? need to know where you are.
  • Good, all horde, I've never liked the alliance. I'll join up on Hyjal. i'll let you know when I get to that point. Digital downloading now.
  • edited November 2014
    lol I seriously do have to wait. Can't really afford any additional expenses until my Christmas bonus comes in haha

    EDIT: Mages...Trenzalore? XD
  • I got a lvl 90 boost too, Any suggestions on the best melee right now?
  • I'm on Hyjal

    90 Mage named: PorkMyMage
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