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Ghost Game Signups

edited December 2015 in General
It's a game I'm playing on another site that seems fun.

Total 7 players

3 Town: Given the word ghosts have to guess. Your job is to give hints about the word, without making it too obvious, or too blunt.

2 Fools: Given a separate word, not knowing they are a fool, also has to give hints, however ghosts guesses on this word will not count.

2 Ghosts: Must guess the word that the townspeople have been given. If the ghost guesses the fool's word, nothing happens. Ghosts job in the game is to provide hints that don't make them seem obvious, and not get lynched by the town.


Night 1: Players are given the words. Ghosts pick the order of players giving the hints.

Day 1: First player gives a hint. Then the second player and so on until all the players have given hints.

Town now votes who they think the ghost is.

If the ghost is lynched they get a chance to guess what the secret word was.

If they get it right ghosts win. If they get it wrong town votes who they think the other ghost is.

Town wins when all the ghosts are dead. Ghosts win when they are the same number as town or guess the word right.


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